Another question from Gregory Stock’s book is this:

If permanent world peace could be gained by obliterating one country, would you be willing to select the country to be sacrificed? 

World peace (peace among all nations) could not possibly be gained by obliterating any country.

There’s a joke:

Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well?

Because they have a common enemy!

And oddly, this is the only way world peace could ever be attained–all the countries on earth would have to have a common enemy.  An extraterrestrial one.

Even President Ronald Reagan made this point once–stating that the countries of the world would unite very quickly if there were an alien invasion.

As humans, it is in our nature to make war–just as it is in our power to make peace.  But our power to make peace is far weaker than our nature to make war. 

So the only way there could ever be world peace is–ironically–if we made war–against an extraterrestrial invading force.

And of course aliens could be hostile, just as easily as they could be peaceful.

Peaceful aliens could help us, but hostile aliens could help us more.  Because hostile aliens would serve as a common enemy, thus uniting every country on this planet, in the struggle. 

I am categorically opposed to the use, or even possession of, nuclear, chemical, and/or biological weapons.  And can you imagine the arsenals of all of such weapons being depleted, as they were directed into outer space against an invading alien force?  It would be wonderful!

But it would not be permanent–unless of course this force could never be completely obliterated, only held at bay, indefinitely.

So there could only be world peace as long as all countries on earth had a common, extraterrestrial enemy.  And this world peace could only be permanent if this common, extraterrestrial enemy could never be completely obliterated–only fought, only held at bay.


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