Another question from Gregory Stock’s book is this:

Do you think our penal system should be more concerned with removing criminals from society, detering crime, or rehabilitating wrongdoers?

I can think of no penal system as dysfunctional today as that of the United States.

The penal system in the United States, at both federal and state levels, accomplishes absolutely nothing anymore.

Criminals are no longer removed from society, crime is no longer deterred, and wrongdoers are no longer rehabilitated.

I’ve mentioned, before, that the United States is being destroyed from within, not from without.  The United States is destroying itself.

And one of the major factors of our impending self-destruction is crime–particularly violent crime.  It is simply out of control.


Because parents refuse to do their job, teachers are not allowed to do their job, and execution is no longer implemented.

Opponents of the death penalty claim that it does not deter crime.

But it does.

The reason it doesn’t seem to deter crime is that it simply is not implemented enough. 

There should be no life sentences (with or without the possibility of parole) for any convicts.  These accomplish nothing.

There should only be execution.

We are all tempted, no matter how much we deny it, to commit crime (including violent crime), at times. 

And the fear of imprisonment prevents most of us from acting on this temptation.

But some of us do not fear imprisonment.  Some of us, having no conscience whatsoever, are simply hardened criminals.

And hardened criminals do not fear imprisonment.

But everyone fears death.

It is too late for hardened criminals.  They cannot be rehabilitated.  They can only be executed, sacrificed for the benefit of would-be criminals.  Only their executions can make would-be criminals think twice about acting on their temptation.

Parents must stop refusing to do their job.

Teachers must be allowed to do their job.

But first, execution must be implemented enough.


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