In the election of 2008, we Floridians had the opportunity to vote on the issue of “gay marriage”.  Arguably one’s vote doesn’t directly count when it’s a vote for a political candidate.  But one’s vote directly counts when it’s a vote on a state referendum or amendment.  When the citizens of a state have the opportunity to vote directly on an issue, this is pure democracy.  Therefore it is a privilege, to say the least.

I voted against “gay marriage” in this state, and so did enough other Floridians–enough that the amendment against “gay marriage” was passed.  In other words, we the citizens of Florida–not our representatives in our state government–but we the citizens, we the people of Florida voted against “gay marriage”.  Specifically, we voted that marriage was to be legally recognized only as the union between a man and a woman.

Now some federal judge has overturned our vote. 

This is the first time a federal judge has ever overturned a vote that I made, as a state citizen.  And I am both furious and terrified.

It doesn’t matter where you or I stand on the issue of “gay marriage”.

What matters is that your vote or mine–on any issue, in any state–can so easily be nullified by a representative of the Federal Government.

The founders of our country knew the importance of a balance of power between the State Governments and the Federal Government.  They knew that if either superceded the other, the United States would be thrown out of balance.

Yet this ruling by a federal judge is more than a violation of a state’s rights–it’s a violation of a state’s citizens’ rights, as individual voters.

And this is why I’m terrified: I see the balance of power of the United States being destroyed by the United States Government itself.


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