These days, it’s hard to find humor amidst the very dangerous situations we’re all facing.  So when I do, I hold on to it as well as I can.

The following is an item from news of the weird, a newspaper column by Chuck Shepherd featuring–well, weird-but-true news items that often give me alot of laughs I can really use.

In the latest news of the weird column, however, this first item doesn’t make me laugh, but makes me think.


As summed up by a writer:  “The absurdity runs deep.”  America uses American military equipment to bomb American military equipment that ISIS captured (from inept Iraqi soldiers, inept in part since America disbanded Iraq’s professional military in 2003).  America’s Kurdish allies, fighting ISIS, use inferior Russian weapons they captured in the 1980s.  ISIS has a so-far-safe haven in Syria because America declined to arm moderate Syrian rebels, largely out of fear that radicals like the future ISIS would capture weapons America provided.  “So now (America is) bombing the guns that (it) didn’t mean to give ISIS because (America) didn’t give guns to their enemies because then ISIS might get guns.”

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