Someone says, “Sanai is dead.” 

No small thing to say. 


He was not bits of husk,

or a puddle that freezes overnight,

or a comb that cracks when you use it,

or a pod crushed open on the ground. 


He was fine powder in a rough clay dish. 

He knew what both worlds were worth: 

A grain of barley. 


One he slung down, the other up. 


The inner soul, that presence of which most know nothing,

about which poets are so ambiguous,

he married that one to the beloved. 


His pure gold wine pours on the thick wine dregs. 

They mix and rise and separate again

to meet down the road.  Dear friend from Marghaz,

who lived in Rayy, in Rum, Kurd from the mountains,

each of us returns home. 


Silk must not be compared with striped canvas. 


Be quiet and clear now 

like the final touchpoints of calligraphy. 


Your name has been erased

from the roaring volume of speech.



(translated by Coleman Barks, et alia)

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