Another question from Gregory Stock’s book is this:

Do you believe in God?

Of course.  But I don’t just believe in God–I know there is a God.

God is simply whatever created us, and continues to create.

There really are no atheists–everyone knows there is a Creator.

The problem is that people get hung up on the term, God, and associate it with a particular religion–or with all religions.

But the Creator is not confined to any religion–or to all religions put together.

The Creator–that which created us, and continues to create–is an entity far beyond our comprehension.

Some religions maintain that the Creator is a being–others that the Creator is simply a force.

I believe the Creator is both.

Yet it really doesn’t matter what I believe–or what anyone else believes.

All that matters is what we know.

And we know there is a Creator–an entity, an intelligence, a force totally beyond our comprehension.

No need to prove the existence of the Creator–the evidence is overwhelming.

Were there no Creator, I wouldn’t be here to write this, and you wouldn’t be here to read it.

Certainly there is disagreement as to the nature of the Creator.

But ultimately there is no disagreement as to the existence of the Creator.

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