I have never been in such poor physical health as I am now.  And I need to do something about it, for whatever remains of my life in this hell world.

Nevertheless, I realize, as do millions of other human beings all over the world, that physical fitness is ultimately of little to no importance.  There are at least two reasons why:

Physical growth is achieved during, or just after one’s adolescence.  All one has to do after that is maintain his/her physical health.  In other words, physical growth is achieved before death.  At a certain point–in this life–one has arrived, physically.  But one has never arrived intellectually or spiritually, until death–if even then.  Intellectual and spiritual growth never end, in this life.  While the development of one’s body is complete, at a certain point in this life, the development of one’s mind and spirit is never complete–there is always room for more growth, intellectually and spiritually.

Yet there is another reason, of even more significance:  We do not know that the mind and spirit transcend death.  But we do know, with absolute certainty, that the body does not transcend death.  Simply put, no matter how healthy and well-maintained your body is, it will cease to exist, soon if not immediately after your death.  However, your mind and your spirit may not cease to exist–they may continue into the next universe (the hereafter).  Thus intellectual and spiritual growth best be far above physical fitness on your priority list–no matter how young you are. Because death can come at any moment for anyone–and death will  come for everyone.


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