I saw the above on the back window of a car today.  It was obviously meant as a threat.  But looking at it, I couldn’t help thinking I wouldn’t mind meeting Jesus.

I’ve often imagined how Jesus might be treated if he were to show up in a very large, upscale church.  A long-haired, dark-skinned man with a beard.  His clothing would be very plain and practical–perhaps somewhat ragged.  And he would not likely smell as fresh as the other churchgoers.  He wouldn’t understand English, and the other folks certainly wouldn’t understand his language–Aramaic.  I can so easily imagine an usher quietly, condescendingly escorting this strange man out the door–perhaps pointing toward some mission somewhere–having no idea this man is Jesus.

Nevermind what Jesus would do.  What would you do if you really met Jesus?  How would you treat him?

Just something to consider.

2 Responses to “YOU WILL MEET JESUS”

  1. 1 Susan Lewis March 19, 2015 at 7:22 am

    Made me think of a story I read about a pastor who dressed as a homeless man one Sunday morning and laid down on the bench outside his own church. He listened as his own congregation walked past whispering snide comments of disgust and horror that someone so filthy could loiter so close to a holy place. After they were all inside waiting, he got up and walked in through the front door. They didn’t recognize him as their pastor, they thought the homeless man had come inside. He walked to the pulpit and began by saying, “What if I had been Jesus?” The entire congregation was in shock and began weeping in shame.
    The irony of reading this post? Yesterday I was running errands and while pulling away after running into the store I saw a gentleman walking on the side of the road, ragged with a backpack and walking stick. I asked him to come talk to me. He came over, I gave him what money I had and I sat there chit-chatting with him for about 10 minutes. He said he decided to go for a walk and see where it would take him. He’d started in St. Petersburg and just kept going. Said he’d gotten one ride but just loved walking because it was so beautiful. He was so thankful and appreciative, said that he’d run into so many nice people along the way.
    Scott…a man out for a walk for the simple beauty of it. Out just for the privilege of breath in his lungs. Puts our petty shit into perspective doesn’t it? It really was wonderful to see you at open mic, my friend.

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