First off, let me say this:  Fuck the “improved posting experience” that WordPress so generously forces on us!  It’s designed for mobile devices–and who the hell has any business posting on his or her blog from a goddamned mobile device?  If you don’t have a mobile device, do not get one.  If you have a mobile device, get rid of it.  I’m not joking–mobile device usage is literally killing people on our highways every day, and destroying our face-to-face communication with one another!

Now, on with the drunken post:  It was so wonderful drinking Guinness tonight, even though it was from a can!  Guinness is the king of beers, in my opinion, and one of only three stouts in existence, to my knowledge (the other two are Negra Modelo, from Mexico, and McGuire’s, from McGuire’s here in Pensacola).  If you know of any other stouts, please let me know.

I was thinking about something very intellectual and deep at dinner, but now I can’t remember it–I hate it when that happens!  When I got home, I replaced the traditional Chinese music in my CD player with the Chambers Brothers’ “Time Has Come Today”–full-length (over eleven minutes long) version–God, I love that song!  And it’s even more applicable today than it was in the Sixties!  I wish the lyrics were printed on the CD, I’d transcribe them here.

I notice, from my stats, that most of my readers actually land here to look at the spreads of the gorgeous women I’ve posted.  But that’s okay!  If you land here to see a beautiful woman, you might, as Bill Cosby used to say on “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” (and by the way, I am highly skeptical of those sexual assault accusations against him–I really think it’s a smear campaign directed against him because of his candid comments on the attitudes and behavior of Black Americans) learn something! Tonight, I’m going to post some photographs of one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in modern times–a local news reporter named Meg McNamara.

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Now, remember:

If you have a mobile device, get rid of it!

And in the 2016 election, do not vote for a Republican or a Democrat for President–vote for an independent!  And if there is no independent on the ballot, and you feel you would make a good president–vote for yourself, as a write-in!

I’m serious about this–if you stop using mobile devices, and stop voting for either a Republican or a Democrat for President, the United States of America may fall.  But if you continue using mobile devices, and continue voting for either a Republican or a Democrat for President, the United States of America WILL fall!

2 Responses to “DRUNKEN POST #39”

  1. 1 Susan Lewis May 8, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Never been a beer drinker myself. I’m more a gin girl, however, due to a Chronic Migraine Disorder, alcohol is an indulgence that I, unfortunately, must suffer for…so I limit my intake for the most part. Though there are those evenings when I say screw it and wind up staggery-giggly and wake up in the middle of the night with an invisible man trying to saw my head off.

    • 2 solosocial May 8, 2015 at 7:21 pm

      I don’t think I’ve ever had gin–I’d like to try that sometime.

      And from what I’ve heard about migraines, your analogy sounds quite accurate. God bless you–migraines are hell.

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