I’d continuously seen this woman for weeks–always standing on a beach–particularly her face.  It was a pose much like that above, and to the right of the picture in my mind.  Yet it really frustrated me that I couldn’t remember who she was.  Then, a few nights ago, I suddenly remembered.  I had recorded the “Alfred Hitchcock Hour” episode, “I Saw the Whole Thing”, on my DVR–and just looking at the title, I remembered.

Her name was Claire Griswold.  There are very few pictures of her on the Internet–the one above is the only one that comes close to the image that kept haunting me for so long.  She’s not on a beach of course, but it’s basically the same pose.  You might think I’m regularly haunted by a particular woman I’ve seen on television, or in films.  But I’m not.  Only once in a while does a woman’s image haunt me day after day.  When this happens, I’d like to think it has some kind of significance for me–that it is a preview of something good.  Yet it could just as easily be a simple indication of an unfulfilled desire.


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