I can’t see you, Mama, but I know you’re always there…It’s hot(?) too much for me, Mama…My eyes, they’re burnin’ Mama, and I can feel my body shake…No, I won’t hurt you, Mama, but it’s getting so hard(?)…Don’t go!

It’s from the Genesis song, Mama, and I’ve always noticed that some of the words–those above, in particular–seem as if spoken by a baby in the process of being aborted in the womb.  My eyes, they’re burning, and I can feel my body shake.

I’m not in the womb, of course, but my eyes are burning like hell–really stinging, to be more precise.  Yet I now have appointments to see an ophthalmologist and a neurologist about this bizarre condition.

This is a new computer–I’m in the process of getting used to it.  I really miss the days when a computer was just a cool, fun thing to have–back in the 1980s.  There was no Internet, so no one had to have a computer to access it.  Now you have to have a computer–it’s just as essential as a telephone.  And you have to keep buying the newest computer Microsoft forces you to buy.  So, because a computer is no longer optional, but necessary, it’s no longer fun.

But I keep the line drawn at the Internet–I absolutely refuse to be burdened with a goddamned mobile device.  It’s too late for everyone else I know–everyone else I know is chained to his/her mobile device.  Yet it’s not too late for me–and I’m keeping it that way.

I was thinking yesterday about attention spans.  You notice, when you’re talking to someone, it doesn’t take long for that person to lose interest, and change the subject, or walk away.  It’s technology–the opium of the people.  Those in my generation (X) were cursed with the first worst thing ever invented–television.  Television was the first thing to shorten our attention spans–to condition us for instant gratification.  But since we experienced television from birth, we were damaged by it, from the start.  The next worst thing ever invented was the Internet.  Many of those in Generation Y were cursed with it from birth.  Now the next worst things ever invented were cell phones, Blackberries, iPhones, smart stupid phones–all the mobile devices.  And those in Generation Z have been cursed with those from birth.

So the attention spans get shorter with each generation.  Television shortened the attention spans of those in Generation X.  Television and the Internet shortened the attention spans of those in Generation Y.  And television, the Internet, and especially those goddamned mobile devices have shortened the attention spans of those in Generation Z.

We are really doomed.


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