The second elephant in the living room of America is, of course, this mass hysteria over the Confederate Flag.  Yesterday was the first day I saw anything in any newspaper (the New York Times, in this case) about the only political issue relevant to the mass murder in South Carolina–that of gun ownership/gun control.  Specifically, the article gave some details of how the murderer was able to so easily obtain the weapon he used.

This should have been the focus of the press to begin with.  And because it wasn’t–it is now more difficult to obtain a Confederate flag than a handgun.  So bastards like Dylann Roof can continue killing, just as easily–while the American people can rest comfortably in the fact that they don’t have to look at any more Confederate flags.  Really reassuring isn’t it?

As aforementioned, most of the state and local politicians who removed Confederate flags all over the South were Republicans.  At first, I assumed this was just because these bastards wanted to assure reelection in 2016–and especially a Republican win for the White House.  But was it something more?  It has been suggested to me that these Republicans jumped onto the Confederate flag controversy to divert America’s attention away from the gun ownership/gun control issue.  And that’s highly possible–if not probable.

But let me be fair–the bastards who so vehemently demanded that these politicians remove Confederate flags all over the South were definitely Democrats. Leftist Democrats with a totally self-serving agenda.  Most of them were White anti-Southern activists from outside the South.  And I strongly suspect that many of them–if not most–were agents of the A.C.L.U. (the so-called American Civil Liberties Union).  And if you know anything about the A.C.L.U., you know that it is totally self-serving.  It thrives on power–pretending to represent its clients, while actually just manipulating and exploiting them.

I’ve mentioned before that the Republican Party is totally self-serving–and that the Democratic Party is totally self-serving.  And I am certain of this.  But there are many groups in this country that are as self-serving as these two political parties–groups that don’t want to destroy America, but to control it.  White supremacist groups, Black supremacist groups, anarchist groups, radical feminist groups, “gay rights” groups, militant nationalist groups, and anti-religious groups are just a few of these.

These groups (or this group) that swooped into the South immediately after this mass shooting, and used it as leverage for their totally irrelevant agenda, have been around a very long time–like the kinds of groups mentioned above.  These are people who hate the South, largely because they know nothing about it.  They are driven by regional prejudice–stereotyping all Southerners as the same.  In short, they are bigots.  And there’s nothing new about them.

What’s new is this mass pacification of such a group by state and local politicians. And this is what is so dangerous.  Like all “control groups”–this group (or these groups) will not stop with the Confederate Flag.  They will move on to demanding the destruction of all other remnants of the Confederacy–public or private–including Confederate cemeteries.  Give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile.  Just like the White supremacist groups, Black supremacist groups, anarchist groups, radical feminist groups, “gay rights” groups, militant nationalist groups, anti-religious groups, and all other such “control groups” whose agenda is just that–to control the United States, to make it bow to their every whim.

My point is this: The biggest threat to our country is within our country–not without.  We can worry ourselves about the ISIS threat, the Russia threat, the potential Iran threat, even the illegal immigration threat–yet completely overlook the threat to our country by self-serving “control groups”, political parties, all kinds of groups that–by gaining control of America–can destroy America.

If our military guards our country against outside threats–yet our political leaders as well as we ourselves don’t guard our country against inside threats–our country will still be destroyed.


  1. 1 thegumbodiaries July 12, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    You have made some strong points here. I appreciate your taking a stand.

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