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I remember when my sister Cathy asked me why I cared about the Palestinian Arabs.  “You’re not an Arab, you’re not a Muslim,” she said.  “That’s true,” I replied, “But someone has to care.”

Most people only stand up for what their peers stand up for.  That’s how my immediate family is–and has always been.  My parents especially–they never stand up for anything their peers don’t wholeheartedly support.  I was raised to be that way.  I was raised to only stand up for something if my standing up for it didn’t go against the grain.  I was taught, by example, that appearances mattered more than anything–even more than truth, even more than justice.  And when I began to care about truth and justice more than appearances, when I began to care more about what was right than who was right, my parents and my sisters began to ostracize me.  Now they ostracize me more than ever, and it will only get worse as they age.  But that’s a cross I bear for the better–I would hate to be like them.

A long time ago, I stopped worrying about what people thought of me.  Then many years later, I started caring about the world outside my own little life.  I began caring about things no one else–least of all my immediate family members–cared about.  Because someone had to care.  Our government supports the Zionist State (“Israel”)–whose very establishment was a terrorist act, and whose continuation is a terrorist act.  And we should care.  The American people continue to elect one megalomaniac president after another–Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican–because they simply cannot get out of their political-party mindset.  And we should care.  The mass media are controlling American minds to the point that Americans do whatever they tell them to do–even choose mass censorship over common sense.  And we should care. American jobs are outsourced to Communist China so much that Communist China practically owns America now.  And we should care.  The Native Americans are still the most forgotten Americans today.  And we should care.  Mobile device usage is taking over our lives to the point that we don’t even realize how addicted we truly are–replacing interpersonal communication with impersonal miscommunication, and getting countless Americans killed on our roads every day.  And we should care.

We should care.

And goddamned if I’m not going to care.  Because if I don’t care, who will?

1 Response to “IF I DON’T CARE, WHO WILL?”

  1. 1 solosocial August 7, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    Fairness is important to me. It is true that my immediate family began ostracizing me as I began developing a mind of my own, in my twenties. However, I am somewhat responsible for this. Many times I have tried to change my family members’ minds–to argue them over to my way of thinking. And of course no good has ever come of this.

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