Alice Jans 1Alice Jans 2Andrea Leeds 1Andrea Leeds 2Anita Ekberg 1Anita Ekberg 2Anita Ekberg 3Anita Ekberg 4Antonella LualdiAva GardnerBarbara EdenBarbara NicholsBettie Page 1Bettie Page 2Bettie Page 3Bettie Page 4Bonnie LoganCatherine DeneuveClaire GaynorClaudia CardinaleColleen Farrington 1Colleen Farrington 2Eva Lynd 1Eva Lynd 2identity unknown 1identity unknown 2identity unknown 3identity unknown 4Joan CollinsJody Fair 1Jody Fair 2Jody Fair 3Jody Fair 4Jody Fair 5Julie NewmarKim NovakLisa FonssagrivesMylene DemongeotNatalie WoodOlga GrahameRita HayworthRosita MorenoRossella ComoTina Louise 1Tina Louise 2Tina Louise 3Tina Louise 4Tina Louise 5Zahra Norbo

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