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I understand why the interest in zombies is such a trend now.  I see zombies every day, when I leave the house.  I see zombies driving, walking, bicycling, standing, and sitting.  They all have one thing thing in common–they’re glued to mobile devices (cellphones, Stupidphones, iPhones), oblivious to everything and everyone around them.  And like the zombies of zombie lore, they are mindless.

However, I don’t know where this idea of flesh-eating zombies originated–but it is not in keeping with zombie lore at all.

Zombies don’t eat human flesh.  They eat the same foods they ate before they were zombified.  Ghouls eat human flesh.  Got it?


Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom…of the press…

And, perhaps unfortunately, it cannot.

Because a free press is an essential part of the balance of power in the United States (and in any other country, for that matter).  It is the watchdog that keeps the government in line.

But our press has become more powerful than our government.  Even the course of presidential elections is now dangerously influenced by the American press, which conducts polls that practically determine who will be president.

There is no balance of power anymore, regarding the American press.  Freedom of the press is now the most abused freedom in our Bill of Rights.

The American press has been criticized for being biased, perhaps since it was established.  And it has been criticized for being biased toward the political left–with good reason–for decades.  So this is nothing new.

What is new is that the American press is now an instigator, above everything else.  It has become completely irresponsible in its actions–literally inciting hatred, discord, rioting, and even murder.

More like an attack dog than a watchdog.

Sometimes the motive for the American press, in its new role of instigator, is political.  But more often it is financial.  The American press will do anything for money.

Lately, the American press has been using the “race card” with abandon–inserting the issue of race into every single event, even when it has nothing to do with race.  It is instigating racial discord.  Specifically, it is inciting hatred toward White Americans–especially White law enforcement officers–while simultaneously pretending to champion the rights of Black Americans.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the American press truly did champion the rights of Black Americans.

But now the American press just pretends to champion the rights of Black Americans, when it is really just attempting to use Black Americans for its own diabolical purposes.

The American press is no longer the watchdog, but the instigator.  And it doesn’t care how many Americans’ lives are destroyed, how many American lives are lost, in its quest for the “Almighty Dollar”.

Yet Congress can make no law abridging the freedom of the press–our government cannot regulate our press.

So it is up to us.

We, the people of the United States, must be the collective watchdog that keeps our press in line.  We are the only ones who can do it.  And we have a far more difficult task, as the watchdog of the press, than any government could ever have.

How do we get our press in line?

The only way to solve any problem is to first recognize the problem.

The only way we can solve this problem of abuse of freedom of the press is to first recognize that the American press is no longer serving us–it is serving only itself.

Everything we read, watch, or listen to–every potential Trojan horse the American press sends us–we must read, watch, or listen to, with skepticism.  We must consider the true intentions behind every single bit of “information” our press gives us. And instead of just accepting whatever our press tells us–we should ask ourselves what our press is not telling us.


A powerful hurricane comes from the Pacific.  It hits a region of Mexico that is sparsely populated, and there are no deaths recorded.  We are relieved, here, for the people who live there.  And we think that’s the end of it.  Then this bitch comes into Texas, causes massive flooding, and several deaths.  It continues into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and here–Northwest Florida.  And it dumps rain where none is needed, none is wanted.  And we think, ‘What the hell?  Why didn’t this storm go into California instead, where rain is desperately needed?’

This rain just won’t stop.  It makes a day seem like a year.

So many times, hurricanes from the Atlantic have landed somewhere else, then dumped rain here.  But I have never known a hurricane from the Pacific to come this way.  Ever.

I know I’m supposed to be grateful that this storm didn’t come out of the Atlantic, and into the Gulf of Mexico, and land here–like Ivan did in 2004.  But I’m not.  I despise this goddamned rain.

It could always be worse.  But that’s no consolation.

Because it could always be better too.


It’s Sunday morning, and you are worshiping in your church.  This Sunday happens to fall on a Jewish holiday, but of course this is of no concern to you.  It is of concern to some renegade Jews, however, and they storm your church sanctuary.  These thugs disrupt your peaceful worship service–even shouting profanities about Jesus Christ.  You react naturally, and manage to drive them out.  Then you continue in your worship–determined not to allow this aggressive intrusion to spoil it.

The mayor of your city has other ideas, however.  He takes no action against these thugs, but does shut down your church to prevent future confrontations. You are no longer allowed to enter your church sanctuary.  Women in your church are the first to protest.  And National Guard troops are called out to keep these women–members of your congregation–from entering the church, and to drive them off the church grounds.

Of course, some of these women actively resist.  And National Guard troops meet their resistance with brutal force.  The resisting women are knocked to the ground.

Seeing this, men from your church step in.  And these men–members of your congregation–are treated more brutally than the women.  They are beaten to the ground, kicked again and again by the troops–and even dragged by their feet away from your church, their heads and shoulders scraping against the asphalt.

Couldn’t happen in America, could it?  No, not at this time.  But it happened in the Zionist State (“Israel”)–and is still happening.  Except that “your church” is a mosque–the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  And “Jesus Christ” is Muhammad.  And the “National Guard troops” are Israeli soldiers.

And the United States government–your government and my government–is supporting this.

Think about it.


When I was a Christian, I learned how to be a good witness for Christ.  To be a good witness for Christ, you have to follow Jesus–in word and deed.  Of course you don’t have to be a Christian to follow Jesus–millions upon millions of non-Christians follow Jesus more closely than millions upon millions of Christians.

And every day, in this Buckle-of-the-Bible-Belt, I find myself having to tell Christians (under my breath, of course) how to be good witnesses for Christ.

Displaying a sign on your fence, with a picture of a pointing gun barrel, and these words . . .


. . . is not a good way to witness for Christ!


In my family:  

I have the right to remain silent.  Anything I say can and will be used against me eventually, if not immediately!


The gap between technological advancement and social advancement has never been as wide, worldwide, as it is now.


Scott Mayo, support Palestine

We cringe as we see Assad meeting with Putin, thanking him for killing those who would dare oppose the oppressive Assad regime in Syria.  We cringe as we see thousands upon thousands of refugees fleeing the Assad regime, and think to ourselves how terrible it must be for those people.  And we condemn the Russian government’s support of the Assad regime.

But our government, the United States government, has been supporting another regime–every bit as oppressive as the Assad regime–for almost seventy years.  It is the Zionist State (“Israel”).  It was established in 1948, on land already inhabited by Arabs for over 1300 years.  These Arabs were driven from their land–any resistance was met with deadly force.  And these Arabs are still confined to Gaza and the West Bank–and any resistance is met with deadly force.

There are so many parallels between the plight of the Palestinian Arabs and the plight of the Native Americans.  And this is all the more reason we Americans should empathize with these people.

But the primary reason we Americans should empathize with these Palestinian Arabs is that our government supports the Zionist State–and is its primary supporter.  Our government gives over 3 billion dollars, plus countless weapons to the Israeli government every year–money and weapons used to meet any resistance from Palestinian Arabs with deadly force.  The Israeli military has been slaughtering Palestinian Arabs every single day since the Israeli government was established in 1948.  And we Americans have grown totally insensitive to this.

Our government has been committing atrocities abroad since 1917.  Yet this support of the Zionist State is arguably the worst of these atrocities.  And it’s still going on.  And it will keep going on, unless we–the American people–demand that our government stop it.

The Russian people cannot freely show opposition to their government’s support of the Assad regime’s actions against the Syrian people.  Because freedom of speech in Russia is there one day, and gone the next.  The Israeli people cannot freely show opposition to their government’s actions against the Palestinian Arabs. Because freedom of speech in the Zionist State (“Israel”) is there one day, and gone the next.

But here in the United States, we can freely show opposition to our government’s support of the Zionist State (“Israel”).  Because in our country, freedom of speech is not here one day, and gone the next.  Freedom of speech is guaranteed in our Bill of Rights–and as much as our government would desire to take this freedom away from us (along with every other freedom guaranteed in our Bill of Rights), it cannot.

Not yet.  If we continue taking our freedoms for granted, they will be taken away from us.

It is time for us, the American people, to stop looking the other way–and to start holding our government accountable for its actions.  Our government’s support of the Zionist State is unjustifiable, and it is time for us to make use of our freedom of speech, and demand that our government stop supporting the Zionist State.


. . . and anyone else who tends to think aloud, when alone (which is really everyone):

If a tree falls in a forest, and there’s no one around to hear it, it makes a sound.  But no one hears it–because there’s no one around to hear it!  


That’s what I have–a fair-weather family.

My parents and my two sisters.

If everything is going well for me, they’re willing to listen.

If anything is not going well for me, they’re not willing to listen.

A listening ear–that’s all I ask of any of them.

Yet they’re unwilling to give me this–the simplest thing to give.