There’s an owl in my backyard.  It’s probably a great horned owl.  It’s distracting me from writing a highly political, provocative post.  Yet I don’t mind.  It’s after midnight–almost 1:00 a.m.  The air conditioner came on, I just turned it off–so I could hear the owl.  God I love that call.  There are variations in it–it’s not exactly the same.  There’s probably an owl in my backyard every night, but it’s so rarely heard above the suburban noises.  I love this.  I’m just listening.  I don’t just listen often enough.  The owl really does seem to be saying something–or at least trying to say something.  It seems as if it’s trying to get through to me–or anyone else–with a message. Maybe this is why owls are considered wise, in folklore. Maybe it has some wisdom to impart.  It has stopped–I don’t know why.  And I suddenly feel very lonely.  Or has it?  My refrigerator has come on–maybe it’s drowning out the owl’s words.  I would unplug the damned thing, but I’ll wait instead.  I could swear I can still hear the owl, at times, above the refrigerator’s noise.  I just realized I’ve seen no hawks this year–that’s disturbing.  I’ve seen no fireflies for many years.  And I saw a honeybee a while back–first one I’d seen in over a decade.  It’s not pesticides killing the honeybees–it’s your goddamned cellphones and other mobile devices.  I’m still waiting for that refrigerator to shut up. I just want to make sure the owl is still there.  Your goddamned cellphones and other mobile devices are probably killing off the fireflies too.  And God knows what else they’re killing off–besides other human beings, on the roads, every single day.  I really despise your goddamned cellphones and other mobile devices. I also despise your ignorance, apathy, and complacency.  And your mindless patriotism nationalism–your proudly, mindlessly repeating, “God bless America,” while doing absolutely nothing to prevent America’s self-destruction. Because you are responsible for America’s future–we all are.  The U.S. Government will not save America; the Republican Party will not save America; the Democratic Party will not save America; the American press will not save America; the U.S. military cannot save America; only you can save America–you, each and every American citizen.  If you choose a president based on whether you think he or she can protect America from ISIS, you’re a goddamned fool. Because ISIS is nothing compared to your ignorance, apathy, and complacency. There are nations and organizations all over this world that are waiting.  They know they will not have to fire a shot to take America from you.  They know you will destroy America from within–all of you Americans, with your ignorance, apathy, and complacency.  They are laughing their asses off at the buffoonery of your political debates–your worship of celebrities, as opposed to consideration of those few Americans who really love America, and want to prevent its self-destruction.  The so-called Barbarians did not conquer Rome–they didn’t have to–Rome destroyed itself.  The Barbarians simply walked on in and took the spoils. And this is exactly what’s going to happen to America–the armies of other nations, and self-serving organizations will walk on in and take the spoils–after America has destroyed itself–from within.  But you can prevent this if you want to.  If you put down your goddamned cellphones and other mobile devices (your Digital-Age pacifiers), and take a good, hard look at what’s really going on in America.  Because of the wisdom of your founding fathers, you have more control over your government than the people of any other nation on earth.  But you don’t take control of your government, you let your government take control of you.  And to worsen matters, you believe everything your self-serving press, self-serving mass media tells you, without any questioning whatsoever–your gullibility is disgusting.  You are corralled by your government on one side and your press on the other–and if you don’t get out from between both forces of this massive vise, you will be crushed into nothingness.  If you don’t exercise your freedoms now, you will lose them later–freedom of speech being the most endangered of all.  So wake up, America, and take responsibility for your country.  And instead of mindlessly repeating, “God bless America,” say sincerely, “God help America,” because America needs help, not blessings.  The refrigerator is still going, and I’m not waiting any longer.  I think the owl is speaking–but its words fall on deaf ears, just as mine do.

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