It’s Sunday morning, and you are worshiping in your church.  This Sunday happens to fall on a Jewish holiday, but of course this is of no concern to you.  It is of concern to some renegade Jews, however, and they storm your church sanctuary.  These thugs disrupt your peaceful worship service–even shouting profanities about Jesus Christ.  You react naturally, and manage to drive them out.  Then you continue in your worship–determined not to allow this aggressive intrusion to spoil it.

The mayor of your city has other ideas, however.  He takes no action against these thugs, but does shut down your church to prevent future confrontations. You are no longer allowed to enter your church sanctuary.  Women in your church are the first to protest.  And National Guard troops are called out to keep these women–members of your congregation–from entering the church, and to drive them off the church grounds.

Of course, some of these women actively resist.  And National Guard troops meet their resistance with brutal force.  The resisting women are knocked to the ground.

Seeing this, men from your church step in.  And these men–members of your congregation–are treated more brutally than the women.  They are beaten to the ground, kicked again and again by the troops–and even dragged by their feet away from your church, their heads and shoulders scraping against the asphalt.

Couldn’t happen in America, could it?  No, not at this time.  But it happened in the Zionist State (“Israel”)–and is still happening.  Except that “your church” is a mosque–the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  And “Jesus Christ” is Muhammad.  And the “National Guard troops” are Israeli soldiers.

And the United States government–your government and my government–is supporting this.

Think about it.

2 Responses to “THINK ABOUT IT”

  1. 1 duncanr October 25, 2015 at 7:12 am

    as an atheist I would, nevertheless, acknowledge that religion can be a force for good but, sadly, it is (and has been in the past) so often a cause and supporter of evil

    • 2 solosocial October 25, 2015 at 10:12 am

      Sad but true.

      And the oddest thing is that most large conflicts and wars are not religious, but political. Yet religion is used to justify these political conflicts and wars.

      The establishment and continued support of the Zionist State has never had anything to do with Judaism, for instance. And there are many devout Jews, worldwide, who are opposed to Zionism–for this reason. Neturei Karta and True Torah Jews are two Jewish groups in the United States that oppose Zionism. Even many Jews in the Zionist State, itself, oppose Zionism. The Israeli government has always enforced conscription–all young Israelis are required to serve in its military. And many devout Jews, there, resent their children being forced to fight for something to which they are opposed.

      But Israeli citizens have no freedom of speech or of peaceable assembly in any matter of the enforcement of Zionism (in any matter of the Israeli government’s mistreatment of Palestinian Arabs). We are told, here in the United States, that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. But this is a lie–perpetuated by American Zionists, Jewish and Christian. The Zionist State is a police state, and always has been. It is no more democratic than post-revolution Iran or Communist China.

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