I was thinking earlier today about how we are so distracted by one atrocity, and how the American press milks that for all it’s worth.  My mom used to say, “What gets your attention gets you.”  And though that’s not necessarily true, there is some truth to it.  For the American press–which is now more irresponsible than ever before–it is quite true.  And it knows it.

On the same day that the “Charlie Hebdo” killings occurred in France (fourteen victims, as I recall)–over three hundred people were killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria.  And this didn’t even make the news in the West.  And on the day of the latest terrorist killings in France (approximately 130 victims, if I’m not mistaken)–more people than that were killed in sectarian violence in Burundi–and this didn’t make the news in the West either.

And as all this news about the Paris terrorist attacks is keeping our attention, the Third Intifada (uprising) is occurring in Occupied Palestine.  The Palestinians (armed with only stones and knives) are being slaughtered by Israeli soldiers (armed with assault rifles)–and this doesn’t make the news in the United States.

We talk about racism in this country.  But “racism” is the most misapplied word in the American lexicon today.  I’ve only met one person in my entire life who I know–with absolute certainty–is a racist.  And he is Black.

But there is racial bias–and this is practiced by people of every race.

Franklin Roosevelt held a secret meeting with Winston Churchill in 1941, on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.  Roosevelt had been promising the American people–all along–that he would not get them involved in another European war.  But in the proceedings of this meeting, Franklin Roosevelt pledged support to Winston Churchill–promised that he would find a way to get the United States involved.

And whether intentionally or not, the proceedings of this secret meeting were leaked to Nazi Germany, unscrambled, via radio transmission.  And Nazi Germany passed the information along to Imperial Japan.  And less than a month later, on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Imperial Japanese.

In the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack, Franklin Roosevelt declared war on the “Empire of Japan.”  To his credit, Franklin Roosevelt was the last U.S. president to formally declare a war before sending U.S. troops to fight it.  But not to his credit at all, Franklin Roosevelt sent the bulk of U.S. troops to fight Nazi Germany instead–to “get Hitler first.”

As a result, U.S. troops in the Pacific (my Great-Uncle Lloyd among them) were not provided with adequate military or moral support to fight the Imperial Japanese–who were far more cruel to captured U.S. troops than the Nazi Germans were.

And while Hitler’s Nazi Germany was committing atrocities against Europeans (it wasn’t only Jews)–Hirohito’s Imperial Japan was committing atrocities against Asians.

But the Roosevelt Administration didn’t care.


There were three reasons:

Franklin Roosevelt was an Anglophile (a lover of England)–and so many of the American people were also Anglophiles.  In other words, Roosevelt would do anything to protect Britain first, no matter what.

The motion picture industry in the United States was controlled by Jews–as were so many other mediums of the mass media in the United States.  And these Jews did everything they could to manipulate the American people, through propaganda, to save Jews first.

And the victims of Nazi German atrocities were of the Caucasoid Race–while the victims of Imperial Japanese atrocities were of the Mongoloid Race.  That’s right–the drive to “get Hitler first” was racially motivated.  The Roosevelt Administration was racially biased–as were the majority of the American people.  Damned if the U.S. was going to save the “Yellow Man” in Asia before saving the “White Man” in Europe.

And so it went–and so it goes.

We ignorantly think ISIS represents Islam.  Yet the majority of ISIS’s victims are Muslim.  But we don’t give a damn about Muslims, do we?

On the same day that a little over a hundred Europeans are killed in France, more than that many Africans are killed in Burundi.  But we don’t give a damn about Africans, do we?

And every single day–for almost seventy years now–Arabs are slaughtered by Jews in Occupied Palestine.  Most of these Arabs are Muslim, but many of them are Christian.  And believe me, the Israeli military is as brutal toward Christian Arabs as it is toward Muslim Arabs.  But we don’t give a damn about Arabs, do we?

The goddamned politicians in Washington, DC–including the President–as well as all the presidential candidates, both Republicans and Democrats–are constantly talking about America’s global focus.  But that’s all it is–talk.

It is up to us, the People of the United States, to do more than just talk about America’s global focus.

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