Zig Ziglar’s See You at the Top was the first book that changed my life (there were many more to come).  This is the book where it is written, “…fair play seeks what is right–not who is right.”

Zig Ziglar was a motivational speaker, and his book, See You at the Top, is a motivational book.  Zig Ziglar was a very conservative, Republican, “born-again” Christian–so of course there are many things he says with which I disagree–at least as I am today.  Yet these are issue-disagreements, not idea-disagreements. And just as fair play seeks what is right, not who is right–who says something is not as important as what is said.

The following is an excerpt from his book that really hammers home some of the ideas I’ve been expressing–particularly that America is destroying itself, from within–and that our ignorance, apathy, and complacency are the primary agents of our country’s self-destruction.  And though he argues–in the latter part of this segment–that liberalism is the primary threat (this book having been written in 1975), the basic premise he outlines, the analogy he uses, is on the same train of thought as mine.

As we approach America’s problems, I’m concerned about two groups of Americans.  One group is like the individual who refuses to have an examination because he suspects that he has cancer.  He blindly says, “America has no problems” or, “don’t worry, America has always come through–don’t tell me about it.”  The second group says, “Well, what can I do?  It’s just me and it’s too late now.”

If your house were burning, you would want to know about it so you could grab a bucket of water and put it out.  The purpose of this chapter is to tell you that your house (America) is burning and give you several buckets of water so you can help douse the flames.  The fire that is burning America started much like boiling a bullfrog.

You don’t boil a bullfrog by throwing him in boiling water because he will pop out faster than you can throw him in.  You put him in cold water and turn on the heat.  As the water gets warm the bullfrog relaxes and takes a nap.  You know the rest of the story.  He wakes up dead.  He’s been boiled to death.

The water is heating up–but we are too content in our ignorance, apathy, and complacency to notice.

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