Guns are dangerous–but motor vehicles are far more dangerous.

Every car or truck is a loaded gun.

And this is why mobile devices are so much more dangerous than guns could ever be–because drivers are allowed to use mobile devices while driving loaded guns. It’s like shooting blind.

Understand–there is no way in hell that you can carry on a phone conversation and focus on your driving.  And there is no way in hell that you can access the Internet or text anyone and focus on your driving.

As dangerous as handguns are, for example–I would rather every driver have a loaded handgun beside him or her than a mobile device.  Because he or she wouldn’t use a handgun.  He or she would know not to use it–at least while driving.

Mobile devices (cellphones, iPhones, Smartphones, Blackberries) are far more dangerous than guns–because they seem so innocuous.  What possible harm could it do to answer that call on your cellphone while driving, or text someone while driving, or see who emailed you while driving…you’ve just killed someone. Even one distracted second is too many.

If you carry a mobile device at all–for God’s sake (and yours, and everyone else’s), keep it turned off while driving.  It really is more dangerous than a loaded handgun when you’re behind the wheel.

Mobile device usage while driving is willful distracted driving.  And though this willful distracted driving is killing more people than drunk driving is, it is not a crime.  And this is a crime, in itself.

I spoke with a cable technician a while back who maintained that our right to keep and bear arms does not necessarily give us the right to use them.  And this made sense to me.  Generally speaking, people who have guns don’t use them carelessly.  But generally speaking, people who have mobile devices use them carelessly–constantly.

If you kill someone by using a mobile device while driving, you might as well have shot that person to death–it makes absolutely no difference.

It is because they are used while driving that mobile devices are far more dangerous than guns could ever be.


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