The federal land map used in this post includes Native American reservations as “federal land”.  The Navajo Reservation mentioned, for example, is included in the red “All Federal Lands” zone.

So I want to show some other maps that distinguish between Native American reservations and all other federal land.  They are shown above, and you can click on each of them to get a closer look.

Still, apart from the Native American reservations, you can see that there’s a hell of a lot of federal land.  And it is the majority of this federal land that should be ceded to Native Americans of all tribes.  Native Americans should have the majority of this land, in addition to the land already set aside for individual tribal reservations.

Why should we petition our government to do this?  Because it’s the right thing to do.

Of course those who wanted to inhabit this land–this nation within a nation–would have to have a certain amount of Native American ancestry.  I have some Native American (Cherokee) ancestry, for example–but I am one thirty-second (1/32) Cherokee, at most (to my knowledge)–so I would not qualify to inhabit this land. Yet with modern DNA testing technology, determining who could inhabit this nation within a nation wouldn’t be difficult at all.


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