“It’s not just a culture war, it’s political, demographic and social at the same time,” said Nahum Barnea, one of Israel’s most influential columnists.  “The core of the struggle is: Who is the dedicated elite, who are the legitimate heirs to the Zionist movement that built the state?”

From: In Israel, Culture Wars Shift to Realm of Art And Funding Decisions

The New York Times, Saturday, January 30, 2016

“Zionist movement that built the state”

What is Barnea talking about–what was the Zionist movement?

It was the movement that was responsible for the establishment of the atrocity that is the Zionist State.

“The Israel Lobby in the U.S. is just the tip of an older and far larger iceberg known as ‘political Zionism,’ an international movement that began in the late 1800’s with the goal of creating a Jewish state somewhere in the world.  In 1897 this movement, led by a European journalist named Theodor Herzl, coalesced in the First Zionist Congress, held in Basel, Switzerland, which established the World Zionist Organization, representing 117 groups the first year; 900 the next.

“While Zionists considered such places as Argentina, Uganda, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and Texas, they eventually settled on Palestine for the location of their proposed Jewish State, even though Palestine was already inhabited by a population that was 93-96 percent non-Jewish.  The best analysis says the population was 96 percent Muslims and Christians, who owned 99 percent of the land.”

AGAINST OUR BETTER JUDGMENT: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel

by Alison Weir

First two paragraphs of Chapter 2: THE BEGINNINGS

The reason Zionist Christians outnumber Zionist Jews is that Zionist Jews control every industry of the mass media in the United States.  Zionist Jews control the motion picture industry, the television industry, the recording industry, the newspaper industry, the advertising industry, the radio industry–and the publishing industry.

This is why Alison Weir–a woman of tremendous courage and character–was only able to publish this highly well-documented book, Against Our Better Judgment, independently.  The Zionist Jews who control the publishing industry in the United States wouldn’t dare print this book.

Zionist Jews control every industry of the mass media in the United States–and they have been doing so for at least seventy years.  They maintain control of the U.S. mass media by reverse discrimination–hiring only Zionist Jews to keep the top positions in every industry of the mass media in the United States.

Not all Jews in the United States are a part of this Zionist elite that controls the mass media of the United States, thus the United States itself.  Not even most Jews in the United States are a part of this Zionist elite.

But it is because of the Zionist Jews who control every industry of the mass media in the United States that Zionist Christians outnumber Zionist Jews.  The predominantly-Christian U.S. population only sees the Zionist (Israeli) side of the “Arab-Israeli conflict” in Occupied Palestine.  This is the only side the Zionist Jews will allow the U.S. population to see.

Every industry of the mass media of the United States–especially television–is scattered, smothered, and covered with content about the Nazi German regime. But never–absolutely never–is there any content about the history of the modern state of Israel–the Zionist State.

The Zionist Jews who control every industry of the mass media in the United States will go out of their way to tell us everything about the atrocities committed against Jews by the Nazi German regime–over and over again.  But not once do these same Zionist Jews tell us anything about the ongoing atrocities committed against Palestinian Arabs by the Zionist Jew regime.

Of course, some things they can’t hide–like the genocidal slaughter of up to three thousand men, women, and children in Gaza in 2014 by the Israeli military.  But even these atrocities they justify with any lies, half-truths, and bits of false logic they can come up with.

The fact is that there is essentially no difference between the Zionist Jews of today and the Nazi Germans of yesterday.  Their ideology is the same–that they are of the superior race (“God’s Chosen People”).  And their agenda is the same–to control as much of the world as possible.  Even the way these Zionist Jews brutally subjugate Palestinian Arabs is exactly the same way the Nazi Germans brutally subjugated European Jews.

But the Nazi German regime was defeated in 1945–while the Zionist Jew regime continues its atrocities–as it has been since 1948.

And the U.S. Government–our government–is the primary supporter of this Zionist Jew regime, the modern state of Israel.  And it will continue to support it, as long as we remain silent–and especially as long as so many Christians in the United States support it, not even understanding what they’re supporting.

All Palestinian Arabs who dare resist this ongoing occupation of their land, and subjugation of their people by Zionist Jews are automatically labeled “terrorists” by these same Zionist Jews.  And anyone who condemns this ongoing atrocity is automatically labeled “anti-Semitic”.  This is especially diabolical.  Because the term, “anti-Semitism” has always been a misnomer.  Interesting that the word dates back to 1882–about the time the Zionist movement was begun.  “Anti-Semitism” is defined (by Merriam-Webster) as “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.”

The reason “anti-Semitism” is a misnomer, and always has been, is that it only applies to hostility toward or discrimation against Jews.  Jews are not an ethnicity, in themselves.  The Semitic ethnicity includes Jews and Arabs.  That’s right–both Jews and Arabs comprise the Semitic ethnicity, which originated in the Arabian Peninsula many thousands of years ago.  But the Zionist Jews never tell us this. They so carelessly use the word “anti-Semitism” to condemn anyone who speaks out against their misdeeds–yet never dare admit that the Arabs they are subjugating and slaughtering in Occupied Palestine–and have been subjugating and slaughtering since 1948–are of the same ethnicity as they.

Yet many Jews do not consider the Judaism that is the state religion of Israel to be true to the teachings of the Torah.  And as mentioned in a previous post–I have the utmost regard for these Jews.  They are ostracized by the Zionist Jews, of course.  But they don’t let this stop them from telling the U.S. population–brainwashed by the Zionist-Jew-controlled mass media–the truth about the Zionist State.

In short, many Jews maintain that one cannot truly follow the most sacred teachings of Judaism–those of the Torah–and support the modern state of Israel.

Likewise, Christians cannot truly follow the most sacred teachings of Christianity–those of Jesus, as presented in the Gospels–and support the modern state of Israel.

Because–just as everything the Zionist State stands for arguably stands against the teachings of the Torah–everything the Zionist State stands for definitely stands against the teachings of Jesus.

And this is why Zionist Christians are misguided, to say the least.

One cannot reconcile the godly teachings of Jesus with the ungodly policies of the Zionist State–the modern state of Israel.

One cannot follow Jesus and support the Zionist State.


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