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If you’re a Republican voter, please don’t vote for Donald Trump in a remaining Republican primary.  Donald Trump would have almost no chance against Hillary Clinton in a general presidential election.  And Donald Trump could not competently serve as President of the United States, anyway.

Please vote for Ted Cruz or John Kasich, instead.

Either could competently serve as President of the United States–though John Kasich would probably be more competent than Ted Cruz.

That said, I cannot help but see a resemblance here:

Al CaponeTed Cruz


The terrorist attacks in predominantly-Christian countries are horrible.

But so are the terrorist attacks in predominantly-Muslim countries.

The majority of ISIS’s victims, al-Qaeda’s victims, and Boko Haram’s victims are Muslim.

The majority of victims of the Assad regime in Syria are Muslim.

For every Christian killed by a terrorist group claiming to represent Islam or a militaristic regime claiming to represent Islam, at least a thousand Muslims are killed by a terrorist group claiming to represent Islam or a militaristic regime claiming to represent Islam.

Christians–all over the world–have got to keep this in mind.


In 2007, I was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, by my psychiatrist.

I had never heard of that before.

I spoke with my therapist about it.

He said my psychiatrist could be right–and related the basic symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder.

My personality fit the symptoms quite well.

Like obsessive-compulsive disorder, which I also had, this autistic spectrum disorder wasn’t all bad.  It had some features that could actually be channeled in a positive manner.

But the most negative symptom of this disorder was great difficulty empathizing with other people.  Not sympathizing–empathizing, putting myself in another person’s shoes.

This manifested itself in my one-on-one conversation.  I had no trouble at all speaking alone in front of a large group of people–I’d discovered a talent for public speaking in high school.

But I had great difficulty speaking with anyone one-on-one–especially if I knew that person well.

I tended to dominate every conversation.

And I began working on that immediately.

As a result, my conversational skills improved greatly.

But I have always had great difficulty empathizing with others–not sympathizing–empathizing.

And my ability to empathize has improved tremendously ever since I was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder.  I have much more improvement to make–but at least I’m on my way.

Yet here’s the catch: As I take account of my difficulty empathizing with others, I also notice others’ difficulty empathizing–with me, or anyone else.

It is said that everyone is mentally ill, to some extent–that those labeled with specific psychiatric disorders are only those who have more than their fair share of symptoms of specific psychiatric disorders.

And this is quite right.

Everyone in the world has symptoms of clinical depression at times, bipolar disorder at times, obsessive-compulsive disorder at times–and even schizophrenia at times.

And yes, everyone in the world has symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder at times.

But the inability to empathize with others–the tendency to be in one’s own little world so much that he or she is completely oblivious to the needs of others–I see this symptom increasing in almost everyone around me.

And it seems to have one cause–cellular technology.

As mentioned, I made the decision–years ago–not to get a mobile device.

And every day, as I see the damage mobile device usage is doing to the relationships among my fellow human beings, I get more relieved that I still have no mobile device.

Not only is everyone oblivious to the needs and feelings of everyone else when using a mobile device (cellphone, iphone, smartphone)–everyone who uses a mobile device at all is becoming oblivious to the needs and feelings of everyone else even when not using a mobile device.

Mobile device usage is zoning people out of their environments–turning them into virtual zombies.

Mobile device users are remaining in mobile-device mode all the time.

They see me approaching in my truck, and it doesn’t even occur to them to step out of the way.  They see others approaching in their vehicles, and it doesn’t even occur to them to step out of the way.

They hold up traffic in their own vehicles, as if they are the only drivers on the road.

They break in line in front of others, not even realizing what they’re doing.

They bump into others, with no “excuse me”s.

They fail to acknowledge anyone even taking a chair beside them.

The list is endless–mobile device users no longer have any manners–even when they’re not using their Digital-Age pacifiers.

They have no consideration, not only for the feelings of others, but for the lives of others.

Simply put, they are becoming more and more like the little machines they use–insensitive, inconsiderate, and inhuman.

And today–on my fiftieth birthday–I have noticed this more than ever before.

This mindless addiction to mobile devices is destroying our relationships with one another–all over the world.

We have got to get human again.

And the only way to get human again is to get rid of our mobile devices–our Digital-Age pacifiers–and start noticing our fellow human beings again.

There is a bumper sticker I see all the time in the Greater Pensacola area:


What simplistic, meaningless, nationalistic bullshit.

How about this, instead:



I want an edge

over this time–this Digital Age

or an out

of this time–this Digital Age.

Only the Creator can give me either gift.


AIPAC is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

It was founded in 1951, three years after the Zionist State was established.

There are many Zionist lobbying groups in the United States, but AIPAC is the most powerful and influential of all.

See how much U.S. presidential candidates pander to AIPAC, and you will see how much control Zionist Jews have over the United States.

Yesterday, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Hillary Clinton all made their obligatory pilgrimage to the “annual policy conference” of AIPAC–at which they each made their obligatory pro-Zionist speeches.

Guess what–Bernie Sanders wasn’t there.

Bernie Sanders didn’t need to be there.

Because he’s the only presidential candidate this year who is actually Jewish.

Though Bernie Sanders, according to his website and a few other sources, is not necessarily pro-Zionist, he doesn’t have to prove that he’s not anti-Zionist–as the other candidates do.

It has been suggested to me that the Zionist Jews who control our country will never allow a Jew to be President of the United States.

Because the Zionist Jews who control our country know that a Jewish president would have enough inside information about them to expose their ideology, agenda, and atrocities (equal, in every way, to the ideology, agenda, and atrocities of the Nazi German regime)–once and for all.

And though I don’t intend to vote for any political-party-affiliated presidential candidate in November, a part of me really hopes that Bernie Sanders will be elected President of the United States.

Because Bernie Sanders, being our first Jewish president, would have the knowledge, influence, and power to break the Zionist Jews’ stranglehold on the United States–once and for all.


When everything changes for the worse

And nothing changes for the better

The end of the world is upon us.


I like Bernie Sanders for the same reason so many people like Donald Trump–he “tells it like it is.”

But unlike Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders would actually be competent to serve as President of the United States.

He admits to being a “socialist”–his views are very liberal, socially and fiscally. But at least he’s honest.

Hillary Clinton is as dishonest as her husband.

Just like her husband, Hillary Clinton is totally self-serving.

And just like her husband, Hillary Clinton has a character disorder–meaning she never accepts responsibility for any of her mistakes, but blames everyone else for her mistakes.

A Democratic voter recently admitted to knowing that Hillary Clinton was a “crook”, but planning to vote for her anyway, because this voter agreed with her policies.

And last night, on the PBS Newshour, it was stated that–according to a recent poll–many Democratic voters were voting for Hillary Clinton, despite her lack of integrity and credibility, simply because they felt she had a better chance of beating Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders did.

Is that all that matters?

That’s why so many Republican voters are voting for Donald Trump–they think he has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

Americans have got to understand how serious this is.

This is not “American Idol”–this is a campaign in which we are determining who will be the next President of the United States.

And I have never seen such cluelessness among the American public of this fact. I have never seen such a lack of understanding among both Republican and Democratic voters as to the seriousness of a presidential campaign.

I will be fifty years old this month.  I have been following Hillary Clinton’s self-serving political moves for a very long time.  Just like her husband, Hillary Clinton is a lawyer–and a clever one too.  During her husband’s campaign in 1992, Hillary Clinton revealed her own political ambitions to such an extent that it was hard to determine whether Bill was running for President, or whether she was.

Unlike all first ladies before her, who had come up with programs to complement their husbands’ policies, Hillary Clinton came up with a program to upstage her husband’s policies–a universal healthcare plan.

Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions were so obvious, during both of her husband’s terms, that Americans began to jokingly refer to the President as “Billary”.

And after her husband’s presidency was over, Hillary Clinton immediately moved to New York, so that she could serve as a senator for New York. Hillary Clinton wasn’t a New Yorker–how could she represent New Yorkers in the U.S. Senate without even being familiar with their needs?

For Hillary Clinton, New York was the Empire State on which she could build her personal empire–a cult of personality of which she would be the personality.

This is why Hillary Clinton is a “crook”–she does nothing for anyone but herself, which is crooked, to say the least.

If you know Hillary Clinton is a crook, why vote for her?

If you vote for the totally self-serving Hillary Clinton just because you think she has a better chance of beating the totally self-serving Donald Trump, what difference will it make?

You will still have a totally self-serving President of the United States.


I can understand why Republican voters in Florida didn’t vote for Rubio–he solicited and obtained the endorsement of Nikki Haley, the Republican Governor of South Carolina who started this cultural genocide against the American South–this posthumous extermination of the Confederate States of America that is destructive to the United States of America.

But I cannot understand why Republican voters in Florida didn’t vote for Cruz or Kasich, instead of Trump.

That said, it’s over in Florida.

But it’s not over in all of the United States.

Republican voters remaining must realize that a vote for Trump is a vote for Clinton.

Here’s why:

By many, if not most estimates, Blacks and Hispanics together already outnumber Whites in the United States.

And while many Blacks and Hispanics might vote for Cruz or Kasich, no Blacks or Hispanics will vote for Trump.

Why should they?

Donald Trump considers all Hispanics to be foreigners who don’t belong here.  It doesn’t matter to him that there are millions of Hispanics (known as Latinos in the West) whose families have been here from a time before the Mexican War–when much of the what is now the United States was Mexican territory.

And Donald Trump encourages violence against Black protesters at his rallies. Some of these protesters are somewhat violent themselves, I see that.  But most of them aren’t.  And though many of them are loud and aggressive, they still have the right to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Donald Trump has argued that he and his supporters have a right to freedom of speech, as well.  And I acknowledge that.  That is what the security guards are for–nonviolently removing protesters from Trump rallies.

But that incident in North Carolina, in which a Trump supporter punched a Black protester as he was already being escorted out by security guards, was not self defense.  That assailant got out of his seat, walked over to the aisle, and punched the protester when he was in no position to fight back.  And Trump called that “self defense”.

Blacks and Hispanics have good reason not to vote for Donald Trump.

But Whites have good reason not to vote for Donald Trump, as well:

If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President this year, and Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton will get all of the Black and Hispanic votes–and enough of the White votes to finish off Trump.

I really don’t want Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States–and I don’t think you do either.

So you Republican voters remaining had better vote for Ted Cruz or John Kasich, instead of Donald Trump.

Because a vote for Trump is a vote for Clinton–and that’s just a fact.



I saw this bumper sticker on another pickup truck a while back–I wasn’t quite old enough to miss either of the above.

Lyndon B. Johnson was President when I was born–he was the worst U.S. president during my lifetime, and possibly of all time.


He deserved that–in fact, he deserved far more than that.

I’m convinced he even arranged John F. Kennedy’s assassination, though of course I can’t prove it.

The last good president of the United States was Gerald Ford–not because of what he did, but because of what he didn’t do.  President Ford just did his job–he didn’t abuse his power, and leave this country in worse shape when he left office than when he took it.

Every U.S. president since Jimmy Carter has abused his power, and left this country in worse shape when he left office than when he took it.

That said,