My father, who is a Korean War veteran–and through whom I have my Irish ancestry, my Cherokee ancestry, my Scottish ancestry, my Confederate-veteran ancestry, and even my Union (Ohioan) ancestry–is 83 years old, as of yesterday (March 4, 2016).

In January, 2013–in the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in which Adam Lanza had used his mother’s assault rifle to kill 26 people, including 20 first-graders–my father received a phone call from the National Rifle Association.

The solicitor asked my father if he was going to renew his membership in the NRA.

“I understand you oppose any regulation of assault rifles,” my father said.

“That is correct,” the solicitor replied.

“Are you going to change your position on these assault rifles?” my father asked.

“No,” the solicitor replied.

“Then I’m not renewing my membership,” my father said.

When my father–a loyal member of the NRA–discontinues his membership in the NRA, there’s something wrong with the NRA.

And last year, my father received a survey questionnaire from the Republican Party asking what issues he would like the Republican Party to address in the 2016 presidential campaign.

“I don’t know,” my father wrote.  “But if you nominate Donald Trump next year, I’m going to vote for the Democrat.”

When my father–a loyal Republican voter–sincerely threatens to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate if the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump, there is probably something wrong with the Republican Party, and definitely something wrong with Donald Trump.


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