I like Bernie Sanders for the same reason so many people like Donald Trump–he “tells it like it is.”

But unlike Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders would actually be competent to serve as President of the United States.

He admits to being a “socialist”–his views are very liberal, socially and fiscally. But at least he’s honest.

Hillary Clinton is as dishonest as her husband.

Just like her husband, Hillary Clinton is totally self-serving.

And just like her husband, Hillary Clinton has a character disorder–meaning she never accepts responsibility for any of her mistakes, but blames everyone else for her mistakes.

A Democratic voter recently admitted to knowing that Hillary Clinton was a “crook”, but planning to vote for her anyway, because this voter agreed with her policies.

And last night, on the PBS Newshour, it was stated that–according to a recent poll–many Democratic voters were voting for Hillary Clinton, despite her lack of integrity and credibility, simply because they felt she had a better chance of beating Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders did.

Is that all that matters?

That’s why so many Republican voters are voting for Donald Trump–they think he has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

Americans have got to understand how serious this is.

This is not “American Idol”–this is a campaign in which we are determining who will be the next President of the United States.

And I have never seen such cluelessness among the American public of this fact. I have never seen such a lack of understanding among both Republican and Democratic voters as to the seriousness of a presidential campaign.

I will be fifty years old this month.  I have been following Hillary Clinton’s self-serving political moves for a very long time.  Just like her husband, Hillary Clinton is a lawyer–and a clever one too.  During her husband’s campaign in 1992, Hillary Clinton revealed her own political ambitions to such an extent that it was hard to determine whether Bill was running for President, or whether she was.

Unlike all first ladies before her, who had come up with programs to complement their husbands’ policies, Hillary Clinton came up with a program to upstage her husband’s policies–a universal healthcare plan.

Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions were so obvious, during both of her husband’s terms, that Americans began to jokingly refer to the President as “Billary”.

And after her husband’s presidency was over, Hillary Clinton immediately moved to New York, so that she could serve as a senator for New York. Hillary Clinton wasn’t a New Yorker–how could she represent New Yorkers in the U.S. Senate without even being familiar with their needs?

For Hillary Clinton, New York was the Empire State on which she could build her personal empire–a cult of personality of which she would be the personality.

This is why Hillary Clinton is a “crook”–she does nothing for anyone but herself, which is crooked, to say the least.

If you know Hillary Clinton is a crook, why vote for her?

If you vote for the totally self-serving Hillary Clinton just because you think she has a better chance of beating the totally self-serving Donald Trump, what difference will it make?

You will still have a totally self-serving President of the United States.


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