I am glad the Secretary of the Treasury decided to replace Andrew Jackson with a woman rather than Alexander Hamilton.

Andrew Jackson was a great general, but a terrible president because of his appalling treatment of Native Americans.

And I feel that Harriet Tubman is a good choice to replace Jackson.

Unlike a women’s suffragist, Harriet Tubman helped both men and women.

She was a tough lady.  At times, when freed slaves changed their minds, she was known to force them onto Underground Railroad cars at gunpoint.  This was harsh, but necessary.  Any freed slave could be coerced into revealing Harriet Tubman’s operation, thereby endangering the lives of other freed slaves.

In her portrait, she looks as tough as she was–and as resolute.

I would like to have met her.

Now it is time for a Native American to replace Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was not the “Great Emancipator”.  He waged a needless war that got countless Americans killed for absolutely nothing.  His predecessor, James Buchanan, granted seven Southern states the right to secede from the United States peacefully.  And Abraham Lincoln waged a war, not to free slaves, but to take back those seven Southern states.

A Native American should replace Lincoln–it is only fair.

This Native American could be a woman–but could just as well be a man.

A Native American woman, Sacagawea, has already graced a one-dollar coin.

I think Sequoyah would be a great choice to replace Lincoln.  Sequoyah created a written alphabet for the Cherokees.

But there are many other Native American men who would make good choices to replace Lincoln.

Geronimo, Cochise, Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, Chief Seattle, Squanto, Stand Watie, Black Elk, Quanah Parker, Red Cloud, Powhatan, Sitting Bull, and Tecumseh are among these.


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