If you voted for Donald Trump, in any of the Republican primaries, you are a goddamned idiot!

Because of your stupidity, Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States–unless Democratic voters wise up, and vote for Bernie Sanders in the remaining Democratic primaries.

You don’t like Bernie Sanders either?  Too bad, because Bernie Sanders will beat the hell out of Donald Trump in a general election too!

I have nothing but contempt for you, if you voted for Donald Trump–and if I could “wish you into the cornfield,” I would!  I know there’s no worse hell than this Digital-Age in which we’re all burning now–but if there were, there would be a special place in Hell for idiots like you!

So you goddamned Republican voters have really blown it–and I have nothing more to say to you!

Now, you Democratic voters had better wise up–quickly!

If you voted for Hillary Clinton, in any of the Democratic primaries, you are a goddamned idiot too!

You American women think Hillary Clinton cares about you–think again! Hillary Clinton is every bit as self-serving as Donald Trump, and she has always been every bit as self-serving as her husband!  You don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the first female president of the United States, no matter how much of a feminist you are–she will be the ultimate embarrassment for American women!  Hillary Clinton is the bitch of the universe, and a Zionist whore, as well!  If anyone can be a man in a woman’s body, or a woman in a man’s body, Hillary Clinton is a man in a woman’s body–and the most evil, self-serving, diabolical man imaginable!

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, she will beat Donald Trump–and she will be the most dangerous president this country has ever had!

No, she won’t start or provoke a nuclear war–as Donald Trump would–but she will do everything she can to revoke every single one of our constitutional rights, except our right to freedom of the press (because we don’t control the press, the goddamned Zionist Jews do)!

You had better vote for Bernie Sanders, instead of Hillary Clinton.

I am furious that John Kasich has dropped out–I was determined to see a general election between Bernie Sanders and John Kasich.

I was hoping John Kasich would remain in the Republican race, and take the Republican nomination from Donald Trump–by (almost) any means necessary!

Too late for that.

But it’s not too late for you Democratic voters to choose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, in the remaining Democratic primaries–and you had better do so!

I wish to God I had a billion dollars to throw into this presidential campaign–and be elected as the first independent president of the United States since George Washington!

But I don’t.

So you Democratic voters had better wise up, and vote for Bernie Sanders in the remaining Democratic primaries–or I swear to God, you will be crushed under the feet of President Der Fuehrer Hillary Clinton–along with the poor, stupid Republican voters who voted for Donald Trump!


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