What the hell is “transgendered”?  It could mean just about anything–and this is the problem with it.

“Transgendered” has replaced “transsexual”–and this where the problem lies.

I remember a series of questions we boys answered, on paper, in health class one day.  There were no “right” or “wrong” answers–these were only for the eyes of the teacher.

The only one I remember specifically was something like this:

“I wish I were a girl (‘Yes’ or ‘No’).”

I gave this one a lot of thought.

My friend next door had once asked, “Have you ever wanted to be a girl–just to see what it’s like?”

Of course I had–who hadn’t?

There is no man on earth who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to be female–just as there is no woman on earth who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to be male.

But in honestly answering this question, did I really want to be a girl–forever?

Certainly there were advantages to being a girl.

The main one was this–girls weren’t expected to fight.

I had bullied other boys, when I was younger–though not all the time.

Yet at this point, the bullying of me, by other boys, had begun–and it was all the time.

And because I was a boy, I was expected to physically fight these bullies.

But my sisters were not expected to fight bullies–in fact, they were taught not to fight.

‘If I were a girl, I wouldn’t have to fight these bullies,’ I thought.

That would have been an advantage to being a girl.

But did I really wish I were a girl–forever?


I felt what most boys felt–that I was meant to be a boy–or at least that I was happy enough, being a boy.

So I was able to honestly answer the “Yes” or “No” question, “I wish I were a girl,” with “No”.

But there are some boys who really believe they should be girls–some men who really believe they should be women.

And there are some girls who really believe they should be boys–some women who really believe they should be men.

There probably always have been.

Traditionally, this feeling has been listed–along with all other psychosexual disorders–as “gender-identity disorder”.

Maybe it is a psychosexual disorder–maybe it isn’t.

However, to a person who truly believes that he or she should be a member of the opposite sex, it probably doesn’t make any difference.

Transsexualism–though a recent phenomenon–has still existed for as long as genital reconstructive surgery has.

And though most might argue that a sex-change operation does not truly change one’s sex–few would argue that once someone has gone through the slow, painful process of sexual reconstructive surgery, he or she should not be allowed to use the restroom of the sex whose genitalia most closely resemble his or her reconstructed ones.

More plainly, few would argue that a person with a penis and testicles should not be allowed to use the men’s room–and few would argue that a person with a vagina should not be allowed to use the women’s room.

And this is generally the case, even if that person was not born with a penis and testicles–or born with a vagina.

Shouldn’t Bruce Jenner–who has endured the pain of sexual reconstructive surgery, literally having his penis and testicles replaced with a surgically-formed vagina–now be allowed to use the women’s room, instead of the men’s room?

Few would argue with this.

But what about a man who claims that he really should be a woman–yet has not had his genitalia surgically reconstructed?

Should he be allowed to expose his male genitalia to women and girls in the women’s room?

And what about a woman who claims that she really should be a man–yet has not had her genitalia surgically reconstructed?

Should she be allowed to expose her female genitalia to men and boys in the men’s room?

What sane person would answer “Yes”, in either case?

Yet the Obama Administration is literally forcing such an insane law on this entire nation–and the governor of North Carolina (as well those of a few other states) is resisting it.

And why shouldn’t he?

This law–that a person can expose his or her genitalia to members of the opposite sex, simply because he or she claims to identify with the opposite sex–is an open door to voyeurs, exhibitionists, and pedophiles.

Under the Obama Administration’s law, a man can legally expose his penis and testicles, not only to grown women, but to little girls, in the women’s room–simply by claiming to be “transgendered”.

Under the Obama Administration’s law, a woman can legally expose her vagina, not only to grown men, but to little boys, in the men’s room–simply by claiming to be “transgendered”.

Again–what sane person would support this insane law?


  1. 1 Wendy Chavez May 22, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    I would like for everyone to have equality but as a woman I’m not certain that I would feel comfortable with a transgendered who has not undergone reconstructive surgery using the restroom or even changing in the women’s locker room. If they had gotten reconstructive surgery how do I know that they do or do not find women attractive in that way? Am I putting myself in any danger? It’s quite debatable and it’s unfortunate, we may never understand. This topic will always be a debate and a sensitive one at that. It’s hard to have opinions without disrespecting or offending anyone. Good read.

    • 2 solosocial May 22, 2016 at 6:33 pm

      Thank you, Wendy.

      Those are very good questions, and very valid ones.

      And you are right–it is certainly hard to share one’s opinions without offending others–especially when the unwritten law of “majority rules, minority rights” has completely switched to “minority rules, majority wrong”.

      Yet it is more important than ever that we discuss such issues as this openly, and with truly open minds.

      When we are not allowed to openly discuss our differences, our conflicts are never resolved–and we maintain the ignorance, fear, and hatred that accompany a lack of understanding.

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