[This was originally posted January 25, 2015]

I didn’t listen to Obama’s State of the Union Address–words mean nothing from a politician.  I did see, however that the now-Republican-majority Congress invited Netanyahu to address it, without consulting the President first.  I helped vote-in this now-Republican-majority.  Because the Democratic Party was getting dangerously out of control.  Yet look at the stunts this now-Republican-majority Congress is already pulling.  It wants to allow Canada to use the United States simply as a thoroughfare for an oil pipeline that would go straight to the Gulf of Mexico–so that the oil could be shipped directly to Communist China.  This is not in America’s interest–and I hope Obama vetoes this proposed bill, as he promises to do.  On the other hand, Obama proposes a tax break for the middle class, and a tax hike for the ultra-rich–a proposal that would definitely be in America’s interest.  Of course the Republican Congress opposes this–so it probably won’t be enacted.  And, as indicated, the Republican Congress is already courting the Zionist Nazi Netanyahu–obviously to gain favor of Zionist Christians in the United States (the so-called Religious Right).  Then on the other hand again, Alabama, my home state, is the latest casualty in the Federal Government’s war on the states–the latest state to have a federal judge strike down its residents-voted-in affirmation of marriage as being a union between members of opposite sexes only.  This is definitely the Democrats’ doing–almost certainly coming from the Obama Administration.

I have already begun, as best I can, to emphasize to my fellow Americans, the urgent need for an independent President of the United States–not a Republican, not a Democrat, not even a member of a third party–an independent President (no party affiliation whatsoever).  Only an independent President can temper this extremism in different directions by both the Republican and Democratic Parties–two sides of the same diabolical coin.  And I have been told this will never happen–that Americans will never stop choosing between two diabolical political parties, and start thinking outside the box.

And it won’t happen, as long as Americans continue to think it will never happen–and vote either Republican or Democrat, simply out of fear.  If we keep thinking an independent can’t win, an independent can’t win.  Because we will continue to vote according to this defeatist thinking.  But if we start realizing an independent can win if enough of us vote for him (or her), an independent will win.  If enough Americans would have voted for Ross Perot in 1992, he would have become our nation’s second independent President (Washington was the first).

The Republican Party couldn’t care less about the Unites States–the Republican Party only cares about itself.  The Democratic Party couldn’t care less about the United States–the Democratic Party only cares about itself.

ISIS claims to care about Islam.  It doesn’t–it only cares about itself.  Al-Qaida claims to care about Islam.  It doesn’t–it only cares about itself.  Boko Haram claims to care about Islam.  It doesn’t–it only cares about itself.  We all know these three entities are totally self-serving.

But when are we going to realize that the two political parties that control our government are essentially no different from the above terrorist groups?  No, the Republican Party is not a terrorist group–but it is totally self-serving.  And no, the Democratic Party is not a terrorist group–but it is totally self-serving.  What is the difference, in the end?

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have taken our government away from us.  And the only way we can begin to take it back is to elect an independent President in 2016.


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