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Bernie Sanders was threatened–I’m convinced of it.  It has been suggested to me that the Zionist Jews who control our government almost as completely as they control every industry of our mass media will never allow a Jew to be President of the United States.  And Bernie Sanders is the latest casualty in this War on America that has already been won decades ago–by the goddamned Zionist Jews. The goddamned Zionist Jews threatened Bernie Sanders–and when he refused to yield to their whore, Hillary Clinton, they threatened his family.  This is the reason Bernie Sanders gave up the fight so close to the time of the Democratic National Convention.  The goddamned Zionist Jews knew that the Democratic Party could still nominate Bernie Sanders (just as the Republican Party could still have nominated anyone but Donald Trump) and this is why those bastards put a stop to his campaign.

Now the Republican Party has chosen suicide by nominating the only Republican candidate who cannot possibly defeat Hillary Clinton in a general election.

Ironically, if Bernie Sanders were the Democratic presidential candidate–and the goddamned Zionist Jews controlled our electoral college process as completely as they control our federal government–Donald Trump would defeat Bernie Sanders easily.  Because Donald Trump is in the pocket of the goddamned Zionist Jews almost as much as Hillary Clinton. But the American people (even those who voted for Donald Trump in the primaries) would know something was up.  And Republican and Democratic voters, alike, would finally be protesting something they understood.

Hillary Clinton will be the most destructive president in U.S. history.  The idiots who voted for her in the Democratic primaries will realize their mistake.  But the idiots who voted for Donald Trump in the Republican primaries will not likely realize theirs.

I cannot help but laugh, sardonically, as I picture Charlton Heston climbing off his horse, falling to his fists in the surf, condemning the Americans who destroyed their own nation–not with the Bomb, but with their ignorance, apathy, and complacency culminating in the election of the one president more certain to destroy the United States than Donald Trump–Hillary Clinton.

“God damn you all to hell!”


Ever since I had discovered that Bernie Sanders was the only remaining candidate of the two major political parties who was not in the pocket of the Zionist Jews (because he was the only Jewish candidate), I had been supporting him.  I had been especially supporting him since both Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out–because, of the three remaining candidates, Bernie Sanders was the only one suitable to be President of the United States at all.

Now Bernie Sanders has quit too soon (before the Democratic Party has officially nominated anyone)–and I cannot help but wonder if he was really serious about defeating both Clinton and Trump.

Trump cannot defeat Clinton–those who voted for him in the Republican primaries should have thought of this.  And President Hillary Clinton should be as unacceptable to all U.S. citizens as President Donald Trump. Either would destroy this nation, once and for all–Clinton very slowly, by revoking every one of our constitutional rights (except our right to freedom of the press–because the Zionist Jews, for whom Hillary Clinton is a whore, control our press), and Trump very quickly, by starting a nuclear war in which we’d all go up in radioactive smoke.

The Democratic Party can still nominate someone other than Hillary Clinton–but it won’t.

The Republican Party can still nominate someone other than Donald Trump–and it might.

I have already contacted the Republican National Committee, and urged it to nominate someone other than Trump.  And if you cannot stand the thought of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, any more than I can–I hope you will do the same.

You don’t have to be a Republican voter to urge the Republican Party to nominate someone other than Donald Trump–you just have to be a citizen of any nation on earth who cares about the future of this one.


“We’re hiring.  Get off that protest line and put an application in.  And we’ll put you in your neighborhood, and we will help you resolve some of the problems you’re protesting about.”

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown

July 11, 2016


We know that Micah Xavier Johnson killed five police officers because of their race–he had made his motive clear in statements he’d written.

But we don’t know that Alton Sterling was killed because of his race.

And we don’t know that Philando Castile was killed because of his race.

And unless the officers involved in those shootings state that they were racially motivated, we cannot fairly conclude that they were.

For all we know, if Alton Sterling had been of the same race as the officer who shot him, he would still be dead.

And for all we know, if Philando Castile had been of the same race as the officer who shot him, he would still be dead.

We assume that these two men were killed because of their race–but we do not know this.

Years ago, in an Introduction to Oriental Philosophy class, I was introduced to a play on the word assume.




The person who videoed the shooting of Alton Sterling did not make an ass of you and me.

Diamond Reynolds did not make an ass of you and me.

But the press did.

The fact is that the press has been making an ass of you and me for a very long time.

It made an ass of you and me in 1991–by showing a heavily edited cut of the videotaped Rodney King incident.  But this didn’t last.

It made an ass of you and me during the entire trial of O.J. Simpson.  But this didn’t last.

It made an ass of you and me in the wake of the Trayvon Martin incident.  But this didn’t last.

And the press made an ass of you and me in the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri incident.  And this lasted–and it still lasts.

The press has been playing the race card ever since the Ferguson incident–inserting race into every incident, leading you and me to assume that it had everything to do with race.

The Zionist Jews who control the American press are motivated by nothing but money–except in matters of their home base, the Zionist State (Israel).  Only in their Israeli-biased depiction of the “Arab-Israeli Conflict” are the Zionist Jews who control the American press motivated by anything other than money.

Interestingly, the Zionist Jews who control the American press pander to the political right in all matters regarding the Zionist State.  But in all other matters, the Zionist Jews who control the American press pander to the political left.

The press has been accused, time and again, of being liberal (pandering to the political left)–that is nothing new.

What’s new is that the press is now sensationalistic–and has been since 1991.

Those hoping to escape the “liberal” press turn to Fox News.

And though Fox News may be conservative, it is every bit as sensationalistic as CNN, or any other “liberal” news network (Fox News is controlled by the same Zionist Jews who control the “liberal” networks).

I only trust PBS and NPR for my news.  These are controlled by Jews too, but not necessarily Zionist Jews.  And because they don’t have to turn a profit (they’re public media) they’re not motivated to use sensationalism in their news broadcasts.  Because the federal government has begun cutting funding to public media, PBS and NPR have begun to rely on advertising–so eventually, they’ll no longer be public.  But as long as both networks are public, in the least, I’ll trust only them for the least biased, least sensationalistic news.

Back on topic, though:

The commercial press–which is the press, in general–has been exploiting the hell out of every questionable police incident since 1991.  And this coincides with the rise of Digital-Age technology (the dawn of the Digital Age).  It is the press that makes an ass of you and me by leading you and me to assume that every questionable police incident is racially motivated. It is the press that makes an ass of you and me by exploiting the Internet, and showing and reporting every questionable police incident–over and over again–leading you and me to assume that all questionable police incidents are racially motivated, and that all cops are bad.

Our First-Amendment right to freedom of the press belongs to all of us.  But our press is owned and controlled by only a few of us.

Our government cannot control our press because we would lose our right to freedom of the press that way.

But our press is controlling us because we are letting it.  We are not questioning our press–and this is how our press is making an ass of you and me.

And until we start holding our press accountable–until we start questioning every Trojan horse our press presents us–it will continue to do so.


I’m the only blogger I know who constantly condemns the Digital Age–using Digital-Age technology to condemn Digital-Age technology.

I especially condemn the mass addiction to mobile devices and social media.

In subjugated societies, like that of Occupied Palestine, mobile devices and social media give oppressed people a way to show the rest of the world just how oppressive their occupying governments are.

But in free societies, like that of the United States (arguably the freest society in the world), mobile devices and social media make the people oblivious to everything and everyone around them–and condition the people to simply feel, rather than think, and simply react, rather than act.

This entire presidential campaign is being driven by social media.

Most Republican voters who voted for Donald Trump in the primaries chose him not because of what he said, but because of what was said about him on social media.

Most Democratic voters who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries chose her not because of what she said, but because of what was said about her on social media.

This is peer pressure at its worst.  But it’s not just kids giving into peer pressure anymore–it’s Americans of all ages.

The American people are destroying their own country with their ignorance, apathy, and complacency–and their primary weapons for their own country’s self-destruction are their mobile devices and their social media accounts.


Social media in a subjugated society does more good than harm.

Social media in a free society does more harm than good.


It’s a horrible way to die.

Yeah, well I didn’t ask to die this way.

What way?

Slowly, agonizingly–from a combination of psychiatric drugs whose effects my body can no longer tolerate (because there are no safer drugs available) and fast food saturated with a deadly amount of fat and salt (because I can no longer afford healthier food).

Ironic–you are in far more danger writing a sober post, your head tight, your calves tight, your eyeballs rolling around with some kind of dyskinesia and/or sodium poisoning than writing a drunken post, your body and mind totally relaxed under the influence of alcohol, your blood pressure lowered to a safe level.

Yeah, well I can’t afford a large, healthy dinner to absorb a large, healthy amount of alcohol.  And I can’t obtain medical marijuana to replace these far more dangerous psychiatric drugs, because it’s not legal yet.  And I can’t simply stop these deadly psychiatric drugs with nothing safer to replace them.  I can’t even replace these deadly psychiatric drugs with a moderate amount of alcohol daily, because there’s alcoholism in my family history, and there’s no Mediterranean component to my Old World ancestry.

Even if there were a woman in my life who could cook the healthiest, yet tastiest food for me, calm me with her body, nourish me rather than drain me, complement me rather than control me, accommodate me rather than dominate me, I could safely write such a sober post as this one.  But there isn’t–there never has been, and there probably never will be.

So let me die writing, since I am to die alone.

I was in the second or third grade.  It was about the time I’d started this trend of chasing the girls around the playground to kiss them.  Other boys had caught on–and we had to stay in, during recess one day.  This put a stop to that.

Then another boy came up with a different way to catch girls–impressing them with daring.  Other boys caught on, other boys including me.  There was a very high slide in the playground.  And this boy, instead of sliding down, decided to jump off the back of the slide.  The ground was dirt and grass–but there was a square of strong support bars midway down.  This boy jumped, and he was okay. Others followed, and they were okay.  Then I jumped.  Maybe it was because I was taller than the other boys, maybe not–but I didn’t fall straight down on my feet like the others.  I tumbled into the square of support bars.  Remembering, it seems like I was suspended in midair–or moving in slow-motion.  There was no pain.  But my arms hit the bars, my legs hit the bars, and my head hit the bars. Yet I got to my feet–and the very girls I’d tried to impress checked on me, making sure I was alright (the other boys had split).  And I was alright–no fracture, not even a bruise.

Not long after, neighborhood kids got the idea to play a game in Robby’s pool.  I think it was called chicken fighting.  The smaller, lighter boys would get on the shoulders of the larger, heavier boys in the shallow end of the pool–then try to push each other into the water.  Of course it was far more dangerous for the larger, heavier boys.  Smaller, lighter Jeff sat on my shoulders, and his opponent pushed him into the water.  And I was trapped, of course.  All I could do was hold my breath, as I waited for Jeff to get off my shoulders.  This was different than the incident with the slide–I was aware of this, I was aware that I was about to drown.

This is probably another reason the wreck of the Sunset Limited affected me more seriously than the 9/11 catastrophe–those who died in that wreck probably died in a much more horrible way.  Those who jumped from the Twin Towers were likely the only 9/11 victims who suffered as much terror as the victims of the Sunset Limited wreck.

Imagine this–you’re on a train going over a bayou bridge in the dark.  And your rail car crashes into the bayou.  If you’re lucky, the crash will knock you out–so you won’t know what hit you.  If you’re not, you will be desperately trying to find a way out of that car before it fills up with water–along with countless other screaming passengers.  It’s totally dark–there are no lights over that bayou.  So not only are you unable to find a way out of the car, you don’t even know which way is up.

But Jeff managed to get off my shoulders–just in time.

The last time was a suicide attempt.  It was the only suicide attempt–because I lived and learned how nearly impossible it was to kill oneself.  Prozac is bad stuff–the worst.  It didn’t make me want to commit suicide–it made me delusional so that I thought God wanted me to commit suicide.  There I was on the floor dying. I was at peace, with the sensation of floating in deep space, yet breathing, stars surrounding me.  And something literally possessed my body–made me get up, and dial 911.  At first I thought that something was the Devil.  Then I thought it was God.  But in time, I realized it was my primal brain–that bit of tissue that contains the one bit of emotion every animal has–the fear of death.

Nothing more, nothing less.

I despise money–perhaps more than anything else.

Money is not something I want to have–only something I have to have.

Money has absolutely no value–ever.

And money is completely useless–until it is spent for products and services that have value.

Even when money is saved, it is only saved to be spent at a later time.

Even when money is invested, it is only invested to acquire more money that is still completely useless until it is spent.

Even when money is given away, it is only given away to be spent by someone other than oneself.

Money has absolutely no value–ever.

And money is completely useless–until it is spent for products and services that have value.

Why wouldn’t I despise money?  Why wouldn’t anyone despise money?

If I have money, it has no value–and it is completely useless until it is spent for products and services that have value.

But if I don’t have money, I cannot acquire products and services that have value–products which include food, services which include disposal of food remains.

This is the worst time in American history to be poor.

In the past, the poor in the United States could get help from their families and communities.

But there is no more family in the United States.

And there is no more community.

I’m obsessed with obtaining money–those without money always are.

“Here come the rich man in his big, long limousine.  Here come the poor man, Lord, he got to have his green.”

A couple weeks ago, there was a homeless woman with a dog.

She held a sign that read, NEED MONEY FOR TAMPONS, DOG FOOD…

I had fifty dollars in my wallet–all I had.

If I gave her this fifty dollars, I thought, would someone in turn give me five hundred dollars?

“Pay it forward” would work like this:

I give her $50–all I have.

Someone gives me $500–all she has.

Someone gives her $5,000–all he has.

Someone gives him $50,000–all she has.

Someone gives her $500,000–all he has.

Someone gives him $5,000,000–all she has.

Someone gives her $50,000,000–all he has.

Someone gives him $500,000,000–all she has.

Someone gives her $5,000,000,000–all he has.

Someone gives him $50,000,000,000–all she has.

I give her $500,000,000,000–all I have.

Someone gives me $5,000,000,000,000–but it’s not all she has.

If only I knew, I thought.

But I didn’t know–so I didn’t give her my fifty dollars.

There’s a $429 bottle of Scotch that’s at least thirty years old–I’ve mentioned it in a previous post.

Ever since I first saw it, I’ve wanted to purchase it–just to see if drinking it would transport me to 1986 or before.

But even the few times I had enough money to purchase it, I didn’t–because I didn’t know it would transport me anywhere anytime.

That eighteen-year-old Scotch I drank at the Shark Fin during that dinner with the Singletons of which I wrote in a drunken post (particularly of the Zionist bastard who embarrassed me in front of my friends–not because I was talking too loudly, but because he disagreed with what I said) that Scotch didn’t transport me back eighteen years.

So why would that $429 bottle of Scotch transport me back thirty years or more?

Because I would drink the entire bottle–not just a glass.

Still, it’s just a fantasy–to my knowledge.  That’s why I don’t sell everything I can to get the money to purchase it.

With sales and sin tax, it would be far more than $429 anyway.

Delaying the inevitable–this is all I’m doing each day, these the worst days of my life.  Having no money has knocked me down–yet circumstances keep kicking me anyway.  Every day, I delay the inevitable–the loss of everything but my life, my freedom, and whatever I can carry on my shoulders.

Yet we all delay the inevitable–all our lives.

From the moment we’re born, we delay the inevitable–which is death.

Even as newborn babies, we choose to nourish ourselves from the breast or the bottle–delaying death.

And though the pursuit of happiness is not our primary purpose in life, most of our time spent toward a greater purpose is constantly interrupted by our desire to delay the inevitable.  Our most basic human needs serve only the purpose of delaying death.

I started this post when I had enough money for fast food.  Now I only have enough money for store-bought food–peanut butter, cheese, bread, cottage cheese, and sliced ham.

This stuff–this cheapest of food–is far more dangerous than any fast food because it has even more salt.  It’s loaded with salt.

Can’t eat the cottage cheese–too much salt.  Can’t eat the sliced ham–too much salt.

Every store-bought food has too much salt because it’s used as a preservative.

The ham was the saltiest of all–I had to put the remainder in the front yard for stray cats.

The more salt a food has, the more it tightens my head and my muscles, makes my eyeballs roll around, and creates sharp pains in my legs–especially in combination with these goddamned psychiatric drugs.

I’ve never suffered such agony in my life–and only because I have no money, and no family or community to give me any support.


The United States has never had a population so undeserving of the United States itself.

I hate the American people of today because I truly love America–and the American people of today are destroying the country I love.

It’s ironic that so many Americans hate immigrants so much–documented or undocumented.  Because most Americans take their constitutional rights, their prosperity, and even their citizenship for granted.  For this reason, most citizens of the United States do not deserve their citizenship.

If I could, I would deport most U.S. citizens of today.  I would start with all those U.S. citizens who voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the presidential primaries.  In my opinion, they are simply too mindless to live in this country.  It is not enough to vote–one must vote wisely.  And those who voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton did not vote wisely.

Ideally, citizenship should be determined by more than just one’s birthplace. Those who take no personal responsibility for this country should not be allowed to keep their citizenship here.  And those who take their constitutional rights, their prosperity, and their citizenship for granted should not be allowed to keep their citizenship here.

Most Americans today truly believe that the greatest threat to this nation is without.  They truly believe that ISIS is the greatest threat to this nation, that immigration is the greatest threat to this nation, or that climate change is the greatest threat to this nation.  And this is their undoing.  They are truly unaware that they are the greatest threat to their own nation–that the greatest threat to the United States is not only within, but within them.  They are destroying their own country–primarily with their ignorance, apathy, and complacency.

They mindlessly boast of their patriotism, and mindlessly celebrate the birth of the United States–as if nothing were wrong.

The United States has never had a population so undeserving of the United States itself.


No more honeybees.

No more bumblebees.

No more fireflies.

No more hawks.

No more bats.

No more butterflies.

What’s next?

Something is driving these creatures to extinction.

It started with the honeybees–and cellphones were suspected.

That suspicion was quickly silenced–by media sponsored by the cellular establishment.

It was believed also that cellphones caused brain cancer.

Apparently they don’t–too bad.

Because I have always hoped they do.

Brain cancer is a terrible way to die, I’m sure.

I would rather you mobile device addicts die a less agonizing death.

But I still hope your goddamned mobile devices kill you–somehow.

With your mobile devices, you are destroying your relationships with the people in your lives–because you’re not communicating with them face-to-face anymore.

But this doesn’t bother you.

With your mobile devices, you are endangering the lives of everyone on the road, including yourselves–because you’re using them while driving. Sooner or later you will kill or permanently disable someone–it is inevitable.

But this doesn’t bother you either.

What about the environment?

You believe the “science” of the cellular establishment–the “fact” that cellphones are not killing off honeybees and everything else.  You want to believe the cellular establishment–because it would be so inconvenient for you to give up your goddamned mobile devices.  You know something is killing off the honeybees–and the bumblebees, and the fireflies, and the hawks, and the bats, and the butterflies.  And for all you know, it is your goddamned cellphones, iphones, and smartphones–your Digital-Age pacifiers–and the cellular establishment is lying to you.

You want to take that chance?

You want to keep it up?

When all Earth’s creatures are extinct, what difference will it make what killed them off?

They will be gone forever.

You can afford landline phones.

And if landline phones are discontinued altogether, you can live without telephones.

But even if you can live without honeybees, bumblebees, fireflies, hawks, bats, and butterflies, you can’t live without “all creatures great and small.”

If you won’t get rid of your mobile devices for your relationships with your fellow human beings, or for your safety on the road–why don’t you get rid of them for the preservation of the environment you claim to cherish?