No more honeybees.

No more bumblebees.

No more fireflies.

No more hawks.

No more bats.

No more butterflies.

What’s next?

Something is driving these creatures to extinction.

It started with the honeybees–and cellphones were suspected.

That suspicion was quickly silenced–by media sponsored by the cellular establishment.

It was believed also that cellphones caused brain cancer.

Apparently they don’t–too bad.

Because I have always hoped they do.

Brain cancer is a terrible way to die, I’m sure.

I would rather you mobile device addicts die a less agonizing death.

But I still hope your goddamned mobile devices kill you–somehow.

With your mobile devices, you are destroying your relationships with the people in your lives–because you’re not communicating with them face-to-face anymore.

But this doesn’t bother you.

With your mobile devices, you are endangering the lives of everyone on the road, including yourselves–because you’re using them while driving. Sooner or later you will kill or permanently disable someone–it is inevitable.

But this doesn’t bother you either.

What about the environment?

You believe the “science” of the cellular establishment–the “fact” that cellphones are not killing off honeybees and everything else.  You want to believe the cellular establishment–because it would be so inconvenient for you to give up your goddamned mobile devices.  You know something is killing off the honeybees–and the bumblebees, and the fireflies, and the hawks, and the bats, and the butterflies.  And for all you know, it is your goddamned cellphones, iphones, and smartphones–your Digital-Age pacifiers–and the cellular establishment is lying to you.

You want to take that chance?

You want to keep it up?

When all Earth’s creatures are extinct, what difference will it make what killed them off?

They will be gone forever.

You can afford landline phones.

And if landline phones are discontinued altogether, you can live without telephones.

But even if you can live without honeybees, bumblebees, fireflies, hawks, bats, and butterflies, you can’t live without “all creatures great and small.”

If you won’t get rid of your mobile devices for your relationships with your fellow human beings, or for your safety on the road–why don’t you get rid of them for the preservation of the environment you claim to cherish?


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