I’m the only blogger I know who constantly condemns the Digital Age–using Digital-Age technology to condemn Digital-Age technology.

I especially condemn the mass addiction to mobile devices and social media.

In subjugated societies, like that of Occupied Palestine, mobile devices and social media give oppressed people a way to show the rest of the world just how oppressive their occupying governments are.

But in free societies, like that of the United States (arguably the freest society in the world), mobile devices and social media make the people oblivious to everything and everyone around them–and condition the people to simply feel, rather than think, and simply react, rather than act.

This entire presidential campaign is being driven by social media.

Most Republican voters who voted for Donald Trump in the primaries chose him not because of what he said, but because of what was said about him on social media.

Most Democratic voters who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries chose her not because of what she said, but because of what was said about her on social media.

This is peer pressure at its worst.  But it’s not just kids giving into peer pressure anymore–it’s Americans of all ages.

The American people are destroying their own country with their ignorance, apathy, and complacency–and their primary weapons for their own country’s self-destruction are their mobile devices and their social media accounts.


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