Another primary election–this time for non-presidential candidates.

Yet the only vote I’m allowed to cast today is for or against an amendment to the State Constitution giving tax breaks to Floridians rich enough to afford alternative energy products.

Once again, I am not allowed to vote for or against Republican or Democratic candidates–even at the state and local levels.

As an independent voter, I’m a victim of discrimination.

I’m actually tempted to visit my local polling place and attempt to cast an illegal vote–a vote for or against a Republican or Democratic candidate–just so I can be hauled off to jail, in order to make a case for independent voters like me.

If you’re a U.S. citizen, odds are you’re a Republican or Democratic voter. And odds are you’re thinking, ‘I’m glad I’m not an independent voter–then I’d be a victim of the same discrimination as this poor voter.’

But that’s exactly why I need you to change your voting registration to independent status.  That’s exactly why all of us independent voters need you to change your voting registration to independent status.

There’s power in numbers–and though we independent voters outnumber Republican voters and outnumber Democratic voters, we don’t outnumber Republican and Democratic voters together.

The state of Florida is a closed primary state–like most other states in this nation. And just as the state government of Florida places the money of tourists at a far higher value than the lives of Floridians, it hears the voices of Republican and Democratic voters far above those of independent voters.

Our voices aren’t loud enough, because there aren’t enough of us.

If you join your voices with ours–by changing your voting registration to independent status–our voices will be loud enough.

The discrimination against independent voters is unlike any other discrimination in the United States.  It’s carried out against Americans of every racial and ethnic group, both sexes, and every other demographic group imaginable–because we independent voters belong to every demographic group imaginable.

Most of us are former Republican and Democratic voters who became disillusioned with our respective political parties for very good reasons.

And we silently suffer together whenever primary elections occur in our closed primary states.  Citizens of many countries other than the United States are not allowed to vote–and even certain groups of adult Americans, like convicts or ex-convicts, are not allowed to vote (a practice I consider un-American and inhumane–no U.S. citizen should have his or her right to vote taken away, under any circumstances).  But independent voters are not allowed to vote either–in the primaries–and this is simply discrimination based on political identity and/or affiliation.  Were it not for this discrimination practiced by both the Republican and Democratic Parties through Republican and Democratic state politicians, Donald Trump probably wouldn’t be the Republican presidential nominee this year, and Hillary Clinton probably wouldn’t be the Democratic presidential nominee this year.

And because so many Republican voters voted against Donald Trump in the primaries, and so many most Democratic voters voted against Hillary Clinton in the primaries–I certainly hope these same Republican and Democratic voters have finally become disillusioned enough with their respective political parties to change their voting registrations to independent status.

And once you join your former-Republican and former-Democratic voices with ours–our independent voices will finally be loud enough to shatter this discrimination, once and for all.

If you want to beat the Republican and Democratic Parties, join us.

If you want to beat them, join us.


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