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For a general overview of this Digital-Age hell, read George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (along with countless other literary and cinematic classics).

And for a parody of the place of spectator sport in this Digital-Age hell, read E.B. White’s “The Decline of Sport”.

Yes, spectator sport is as much like war as ever–possibly moreso in this Digital-Age hell.

Yet another development has taken place–definitely more serious than ever in this Digital-Age hell.

War has become a spectator sport.

Another reason to pull the plug on this Digital-Age hell–to shut down the entire Digital-Age system worldwide–somehow.


Ever since this sick joke of a U.S. presidential campaign began, Hillary Clinton has been advertising herself as Hillary, instead of Clinton.  Even now that she has selected Tim Kaine to be her running mate, and he has accepted the Democratic vice-presidential nomination, she still advertises herself only, and herself only as Hillary, instead of Clinton.

Hillary Clinton should have advertised herself as Clinton, or Hillary Clinton, from the beginning.  And she should now be advertising herself and her running mate as Clinton-Kaine (like Trump-Pence).

There are at least two reasons Hillary Clinton–a politician of the lowest order–has done this.

Hillary Clinton wants us to forget her husband Bill Clinton–a U.S. president whose legacy is questionable, at best.  (She could even have advertised herself as Rodham Clinton).  She doesn’t want us to realize that her married name is Clinton.

And Hillary Clinton doesn’t even want us to acknowledge Tim Kaine as the running mate she selected–and as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee.  She doesn’t want us to realize there is anyone else but her–that anyone else even matters.

It has been Hillary, from the beginning–not Hillary Clinton, Clinton, or even Rodham Clinton.  And it remains Hillary–not Clinton-Kaine, or even Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine.

Hillary Clinton is all about no one but Hillary Clinton.