Today, Donald J. Trump will become President of the United States.

Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election for many reasons–but poll after poll revealed why his followers followed him so fervently–and voted for him so religiously–he told it like it was.

Donald Trump won on his candor more than anything else.

Now I’m going to be candid with you–you can take my candor or leave it.

Those who voted for Donald Trump in the Republican primaries are only partially to blame for his upcoming presidential term.

Many of them have told me everything will be fine once he’s inaugurated–that he’ll save America.  I heard the same thing about Barack Obama–that he would save America.  And I was among the naive Americans who honestly believed George W. Bush would save America.  And certainly countless Americans really believed Bill Clinton would save America–and George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter, etc.

Understand–no U.S. president can save America, even if he wants to save America.  Our governmental system is not set up that way.

Even H. Ross Perot–for whom I voted, and countless Americans foolishly did not–could not have saved America without the help of all Americans.

Only a dictator can save a country–and even the most powerful dictator cannot save it in every way, for everyone.  Just ask the Cuban refugees in the United States–or the people of Taiwan.

Trump supporters just don’t want to take any personal responsibility for their country–they’d rather leave everything to President Trump, who they believe will fix everything.  They’re just like Obama supporters were–and Bush supporters, etc.  And they’re just like Hillary Clinton supporters would be, if she were going to take office as president today.

And the most die-hard Trump supporters will blame Congress when President Trump is not able to fix everything–just as the most die-hard Obama supporters did, when Obama wasn’t able to fix everything.

Very few of them will ever ask themselves if they could have done anything to help President Trump fix anything.

The majority of Americans–having voted for someone other than Trump in the Republican primaries, or having voted for anyone in the Democratic primaries, or having not been allowed to vote at all in either primary because they were (as I was, and am) independent voters–will not be celebrating Donald Trump’s inauguration.

We’ll just be simultaneously amused and frightened.

President Trump will almost certainly be the most entertaining president in U.S. history–giving us more laughs than any president before him.  And as long as his antics don’t really hurt anyone (as long as he doesn’t directly or indirectly start a nuclear war, or the equivalent in deadliness) we’ll be laughing more than crying.

But many of us–thousands of us, at least–will be protesting something over which they have no control at all.  Yes, thousands of us will be futilely shouting obscenities at Trump as he takes office today–and committing countless other juvenile, pointless, totally ineffective acts–like glitterbombing.

And it’s those I’d like to candidly address most.

Instead of doing something stupid and destructive, why don’t you do something smart and constructive–like register to vote for the first time as an independent, or change your voting registration from Democrat or Republican to Independent?

If your local supervisor-of-election’s office is closed today, you can probably do this online–or you can wait until it reopens Monday.

If you’re not already registered as an independent voter–registering Independent is the best thing you can do to show your dissatisfaction with President Trump in the most constructive way.

If you’re a Republican voter, you can validly blame the Republican Party for Donald Trump’s presidential victory.  And if you’re a Democratic voter, you can even more validly blame the Democratic Party for Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

But most of all you can blame yourself–for being so mindlessly devoted to either the Democratic or Republican Party.

And once you’ve finished blaming yourself, you can get up and do something about it–you can join us independent voters.

You didn’t know we independent voters were prohibited by law to vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries in most U.S. states.  Or if you did know, you didn’t care, did you?

Well, once you join us independent voters–and face the same discrimination we face every election year–you’ll care.  And then you can help us stop this discrimination that is practiced by both the Democratic and Republican Parties through state Democratic and Republican politicians.

And even more valuable–you’ll have something of which you can truly be proud.

Are you unhappy that Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated President of the United States today?  Then join us–the independent voters of America.

Are you dissatisfied, or maybe even disgusted, with the political party that has betrayed your interests–be it Democratic or Republican?  Then join us–the independent voters of America.

And help us make America greater than ever.


  1. 1 solosocial January 20, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    In some districts in some states, there may not be an “Independent” option for voting registrants to choose. Odds are, in your voting district in your state, there is. But if you live in a voting district that doesn’t offer an “Independent” option, then please register to vote anyway–and do whatever you legally and ethically can to force your local government to add an “Independent” option. After all, your local government is supposed to serve you–just as your state government is, and your federal government is. It’s never the other way around.

  2. 2 Allen January 23, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    Personally, I think it’s largely an instant gratification issue. People vote for the president, their guy gets elected, they feel gratified and get back on their lazy boy and catch up on Cake Boss.

    The fact of the matter is, that like any home remodel, you have to start from the bottom up. The president gets his support from congress. He can do almost nothing without it. Senators, representatives and governors get their support from city and state politicians. They get their support from the local guys at the bottom, and they get their support from a staggeringly small number of American voters.

    If we want change, we have to start there, at the bottom. The problem is that that takes years, even decades to see results. Most Americans have simply become too short sighted and impatient to see why they need to vote in their local elections.

    I’m a veteran, a tax-payer, a voter and I love my country. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been hugely disappointed in my country for a long time. Any one with teenagers knows what I’m talking about.

    • 3 solosocial January 23, 2017 at 11:48 pm

      Those are some excellent points, Allen. You are absolutely right, we do have to start from the bottom up–not just to make this country great again, but to make it greater than ever. Thanks so much for your comment–it truly adds to my post.

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