Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States last year, hundreds of thousands of Digital-Age protesters (a.k.a. social justice warriors) in the United States have loudly, and often violently, protested his election–and especially his inauguration.

How many of these Digital-Age protesters–most of them Generation Y women from privileged backgrounds–voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries and caucuses last year?

If these hundreds of thousands of young people would have voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries and caucuses–instead of Hillary Clinton–they could have prevented what they have been protesting.

Vietnam War protesters almost shut down the Democratic National Convention of 1968.  Yet in 2016, even after Democratic voters had learned that the Democratic National Committee had sided against Bernie Sanders from the very beginning–almost certainly at Hillary Clinton’s request insistence–they caved-in like cattle at the Democratic National Convention–under the “Stronger Together” tactic of the Democratic Party.

I know of only one person who has abandoned the Democratic Party, in response to its diabolical activities of the past two years.  And I know of no one at all who has abandoned the Republican Party, in response to its diabolical activities of the past two years.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those hundreds of thousands of Democratic voters would stop protesting something they could have prevented, in the first place, and join us independent voters–thereby abandoning the Democratic Party that has abused, exploited, and deceived them?

They can do this–you can do this.

1 Response to “YOU CAN DO THIS”

  1. 1 solosocial March 22, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    In some U.S. states, the “Independent” option on voting registration forms has been changed to “No Party Affiliation” (“NPA” in Florida). So if you can’t find an option for “Independent” in your state, the “No Party Affiliation” option may be available to you.

    Of course you can also choose to register with a third party in most U.S. states. And though I prefer to be registered with no political party at all, registering with a third party is another way of saying “no” (or even “never again”) to both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

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