“Just 5 months into our time here, we’ve already been able to cut over half a billion $$$ from the UN peacekeeping budget & we’re only getting started.”
“It’s a beautiful Saturday in NYC! #LifeInNYC #IsItSpringYet”
“That moment when you get to the gym and realize you still have your slippers on…..#Saturdays”
“A great way to start 2018…..Go Tigers! #2018 #BeatBama #GoTigers”
“Morning train ride includes music by Kelly Clarkson, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, and Bonnie Tyler. It’s going to be a great day. Happy Wednesday! #LifeIsBetterWithMusic”
“Train ride music this morning… Heart, Joan Jett, Ruth B., Carrie Underwood and to top it off Darius Rucker. Happy Friday! @officialheart @joanjett @carrieunderwood @dariusrucker”
“It’s an Alicia Keys kind of morning! Happy Tuesday!”
“It was a Kelly Clarkson kind of morning. Happy Friday! #LoveSoSoft #MusicMakesLifeBetter #SheCanSingAnything #ItsTheWeekend”
“It’s a @Pink kind of morning! Happy Monday. #WildHearts #Glitter #MusicMakesLifeBetter”
“My choice for Thursday afternoon traveling from DC to NYC: Lady Gaga. #AMillionReasons #Joanne #LifeIsBetterWithMusic #Almost Friday @ladygaga”

This mindless bitch is going to be the next president of the United States, and the first female president of the United States, if you don’t stop kissing her ass—and start kicking it out of the United Nations, out of 50 United Nations Plaza, out of President Trump’s cabinet, out of the Republican Party, and out of the limelight.

From June 22 through July 9, 2015, this mindless bitch exploited a mass murder for her political career.  And by kissing her ass—when you should be kicking it—you are rewarding her for that exploitation.


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