“I believe that President Donald Trump is only the symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome—he is not the disease.

“I admit I am increasingly deranged as I witness the escalating erosion of decency, the normalization and acceptance of deception, the brazen, unchallenged corruption and disregard for law and ethics.

“Trump’s tactics are textbook projection.  He disowns his venality and blames others for his sins.  We are his goats of Azazel, commanded to carry his sins out of sight.

“I am baffled that anyone who claims to be an Israelite (one who wrestles) can be assuaged by his antics.  He represents Amalek, the anti-Jew who mocks our commandments.  Amalek represents our dark, destructive impulses, literally our inner “dweller in the vale,” our Yetzer Hara.  Amalek has many descendants and Trump and his co-conspirators are the most recent, and in my experience, the most frightening eruptions of our individual and national shadows that I have known in my lifetime.”

Harriet Rossetto

Los Angeles

Letter to the Editor, Jewish Journal, March 22, 2018


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