Mr. Johnson:

I listened to much of your program on desegregating the schools—until you urged that privileged, Generation-Y brat to compare her situation today with any of the situations those brave, once-young women of the 1950s and 1960s faced.

Mr. Johnson, why did you even bother asking that Generation-Y snowflake if things were any better now—did you really expect that mindless smartphone-addict to tell you the truth?

She had no respect for her elders or ancestors—none of these Generation-Y and Generation-Z brats have any respect for their elders or ancestors.

And Mr. Johnson, you show no respect for your elders or ancestors either, in allowing Generation-Y brats, who have never truly suffered a day in their privileged lives, to even dare compare their lives with those of their elders and ancestors, who have.  You should not host those Generation-Y and Generation-Z brats at all—they are as mindless, godless, and inhuman as the mindless, godless, and inhuman smartphones to which they are addicted.

Scott Mayo

Pensacola, Florida

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