“It is my conviction today that a man should not take any active public part in politics before the age of thirty, except in cases of outstanding ability.  He should not do so because up to that time the formation of a general platform takes place from which he examines the various political problems and defines his own final attitude towards them.  The man who has now matured at least mentally may or should take part in the political guidance of the community only after reaching a fundamental view of life and, with it, a stability of his own way of looking at the individual current problems.

“If this is not the case, he runs the risk that some day he will have to change his attitude towards vital questions, or, despite his better knowledge and belief, to uphold points of view which reason and conviction have long since rejected.  The first case is very embarrassing for him, for now personally uncertain, he has no longer the right to expect that his followers have the same unshakable belief in him as before; such a reversal on the part of the leader brings uncertainty to his followers and frequently a certain feeling of embarrassment as regards those they have been fighting.  But in the second case there may happen what we so frequently see today: in the same measure in which the leader no longer believes in what he said, his defense will be hollow and shallow, and he will be base in his choice of means.  While he himself no longer thinks seriously of defending his political revelations (one does not die for something one does not believe in), the demands he makes of his followers become greater and more impudent, till finally he sacrifices what is left of the leader in order to end up as a ‘politician’; that means that kind of man whose only real conviction is to have no conviction, combined with impudent obtrusiveness and the brazen-faced artfulness of lying.

“If such a fellow, to the misfortune of decent people, becomes a member of a parliament, it should be known from the beginning that the meaning of politics for him is only the heroic struggle for the feeding bottle for himself and his family.  The closer his wife and children cling to it, the more tenaciously will he stick to his mandate.  This alone makes all other men with political instincts his enemies; in every new movement he suspects the possible beginning of the end, and in every man greater than himself he scents the probability of a renewed danger which threatens him.

“I will speak of these parliamentary bedbugs in detail later on.

“A man of thirty will also have to learn a lot more in the course of his life, but this will only be the supplement to, and the filling-out of, the frame which his view of life places before him.  His learning will no longer be a relearning in principle, but an adding to what he has learned, and his followers will not have to swallow the oppressing feeling that so far he has taught them the wrong ideas; on the contrary: the visible organic growth of the leader will give them satisfaction, as his learning means only the deepening of their own doctrine.  This is, in their eyes, the proof for the truth of the opinions they have held so far.

“The leader who has to give up the platform of his general view of life because he found that it was wrong only acts with decency if he is ready to face the ultimate consequences from the realization that his previous views have been wrong.  In such a case he must for all future times renounce at least all public political activity.  As he has been already once the victim of a basic error, the possibility exists that this may happen a second time.  On no account is he entitled to continue to utilize, or even demand, the confidence of his fellow citizens.

“The general profligacy of the cads who today consider themselves authorized to ‘make’ politics hardly lives up to his standard of decency.

“Hardly one of them is predestined for this task.”


  1. 1 solosocial August 10, 2018 at 11:08 am

    (Text from Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler.)

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