Maa Phaleshu Kadaachana.

Maa Karmaphalaheturbhooh

Maa Te Sangostvakarmani.

(Gita – 2, 47)

You have but the right to perform action;

you have no hold on the results thereof.

May you not seek the rewards of action and

may you never engage in wrong action

(this is not an excuse for inaction!).


  1. 1 solosocial October 18, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    Though I was raised a Christian, I am a deist, at this point in my life.

    The only religion I have any interest in converting to—or re-converting to—is Islam.

    Of all the religions in the world, Islam makes the most sense, to me. Islam teaches that, though you are responsible for your actions, the results of your actions are completely in the hands of Allah (God). Everything is in the hands of Allah. Everything is up to Allah. Everything that happens or does not happen, happens or does not happen because it is or is not the will of Allah.

    This is a simple concept—but not a simplistic one.

    There is but one God, and Muhammad is His messenger.

    There is but one God, and everything is up to Him—all the time.

    If I am ever to be a member of any religion again—why shouldn’t I be a member of a religion as simple, straightforward, and complete as Islam?

    Islam is total submission to the will of God.

    Islam is total immersion in God.

    (Source of post text: booklet that comes with “Chants of India,” a 1997 CD, featuring music by Ravi Shankar, and produced by George Harrison.)

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