Today is United Nations Day.

And I can think of no one who has done more to subvert the United Nations—or the United States of America—than United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nimrata (“Nikki”) Randhawa Haley.

This diabolical politician is nothing but a subversive, Zionist traitor who exploited a mass murder for her political career—from June 22 through July 9, 2015—and initiated an ongoing posthumous extermination of the Confederate States of America.

And this ongoing posthumous extermination of the Confederate States of America is destructive to the United States of America.

Nimrata (“Nikki”) Randhawa Haley is a criminal who should be in the same place Dylann Storm Roof is—a prison cell.

And though this criminal has announced that she will be resigning from her presidential cabinet position at the end of this year, she will be back—inevitably as President of the United States of America—if we do not stop her.

We must understand that Nimrata (“Nikki”) Randhawa Haley is exactly like Hillary Rodham Clinton in this way: 

All her worthless life, she has wanted nothing but the presidency of this great country of ours—no matter what.

My petition to President Trump to remove Nimrata (“Nikki”) Randhawa Haley from his cabinet is still relevant—and will remain relevant, at least until she is out of President Trump’s cabinet.

And if you are opposed to Nimrata (“Nikki”) Randhawa Haley’s presence in our United States Government—as at least 496 great people are—you can inform President Trump of your opposition by adding your signature to ours, at this link:


I can think of no better way to celebrate United Nations Day than to let President Trump know that I want Nimrata (“Nikki”) Randhawa Haley out of his cabinet—never to return.

Won’t you join me us, in this celebration?


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