We are customers—not criminals.

Complaint Details
I have been a customer of Tom Thumb Store Number 142 since it opened two decades ago.  Tom Thumb is a company under the EG America Corporation that is based in the United Kingdom.  Yesterday, I contacted the only EG America office in the United States, at the Customer Comments phone number, (888) 200-6211, to simply let them know that Tom Thumb 142 was out of stock of two items it was out of stock of previously.  The young woman who answered the phone, Angel, refused to take my complaint—and lied to me that there was no supervisor there. When I tried to simply tell her that I needed her to simply take my complaint, or to let me speak with a supervisor as soon as one was available, she cut me off and would not let me speak.  I asked her to let me speak, and she hung up on me.  I called again, and I warned her not to hang up on me again, or that I would definitely report her to her supervisor, but she hung up on me anyway.  Today, I called the Customer Comment line again, (888) 200-6211, and finally got to speak with a supervisor, Charity.  But Charity refused to speak with me about anything, and told me that their office had been told never to speak with me again.  I asked her why, and she said she couldn’t tell me, and just hung up.  I called back, again and again, and everyone who answered the phone just hung up.  This is insane.  They are treating me like some kind of criminal.  I simply needed to speak with a supervisor, there, about rude treatment by an employee there yesterday—that was all.
Desired Settlement: Contact by the business
I need someone from the Corporate Office of EG America, in the United Kingdom, to contact me, immediately, and tell me what in the world is going on!  I simply needed to speak with a supervisor about rude treatment by an underling of hers, yesterday, and the supervisor tells me they will never speak with me again—but will not even tell me why!  Also, there is no email address by which I can contact this corporation—this is ridiculous!

1 Response to “We are customers—not criminals.”

  1. 1 solosocial November 20, 2019 at 7:07 am

    I have posted this original complaint to the Better Business Bureau after receiving an email which states, in part:

    “This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 10/21/2019 against EG Retail America LLC.”

    “Despite BBB’s best efforts of multiple communication to the business, they haven’t responded to your concerns. BBB relies on the voluntary cooperation of both parties. Since the business hasn’t participated in the complaint process, your complaint has been closed. It will be reflected on their business profile for 3 years as the ‘company failed to respond either to the consumer or the Bureau to the complaint(s) filed.’ Should you wish to pursue this matter further, you may contact your state Attorney General’s Office.”

    You can access the Better Business Bureau’s profile of EG Retail America LLC here:


    Notice that EG Retail America LLC has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau—and that a failure to respond to one of the complaints filed against it (specifically my complaint) is one of the reasons EG Retail America LLC has this F rating.

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