Welcome–and thanks for visiting!  My niece-in-law Jessica very graciously set up my blog for me in 2008, and I’ve been posting–as often as possible–ever since.  From the very beginning, my blog has simply been a public journal–nothing more, nothing less.  My name is Scott.  My hometown is Mobile, Alabama, though I’ve been living in Pensacola, Florida since 1998.  Like my personal, written journal–which I’ve been keeping since 1992–this public journal has no particular themes.  I write my posts primarily for self-expression, and secondarily for the appreciation of readers like you.  Solosocial is simply about me–my experiences, my beliefs, my desires, and my interests.  Of course mine is only one of millions of blogs.  And this is why your readership is so appreciated!  My enjoyment of expressing myself is why I have this blog–but your enjoyment of what I have to express is why I keep it!


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