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One reason the removal of the First Confederate Flag from Pensacola’s Five Flags displays hits me so hard, personally, is that I have been living near one of these displays since 1998.

For the last month, the British Flag has been missing from this display (located at the Osceola Municipal Golf Course).  And of course the State Flag of Florida has remained where the First Confederate Flag should be.

Then in the last few days, the United States Flag (American Flag) has flown at half mast in this display–to show solidarity with France, in the wake of the ungodly terrorist attacks there.  But this has been awkward–because the other flags in the display have still flown at full mast.

Finally, this morning, they’ve got it right:

All the flags in this particular Five Flags display have been removed, except the American Flag–which remains at half mast.

And I wish they would just keep it this way.

I had intended to fly the American Flag on the Fourth of July this year–but there was no way I could fly this flag at half mast from my house.  And I wouldn’t have flown it any other way.

Just a few weeks before, the Mayor of Pensacola and the Escambia County Commission had committed an act of government censorship, as well as an indirect violation of freedom of speech, in replacing the First Confederate Flag in the displays of the Five Flags of Pensacola’s history and heritage with the State Flag of Florida (an insult to the intelligence of Pensacola residents because Florida was never a nation, and because the State of Florida participated in the slavery of African Americans–along with Spain, France, Britain, and the United States–before the Confederate States of America even existed)…


The U.S. Supreme Court (by one vote) forced the legalization of same-sex marriage on the United States–thereby forcing a redefinition of marriage on an entire nation, and permanently violating the rights of the States themselves (specifically the residents of the States).

So I didn’t fly the American Flag on the Fourth of July because it was supposed to be a time of celebration–and I damned sure didn’t feel like celebrating–and I couldn’t fly the American Flag at half mast because I didn’t have a flag pole.

I did fly my American Flag on Veterans’ Day–not to celebrate anything, but to show consideration for veterans ( specifically, acknowledgement of their service).

Years ago, as these mass shootings began increasing, and I began seeing the American Flag displayed at half mast every time one of them occurred, I began thinking perhaps we should fly the American Flag at half mast permanently.

And perhaps we should.

Perhaps the American Flag should remain at half mast this time–to mourn the destruction of a nation at the hands of itself–until or unless we, the people of the United States of America, start taking our country back; until or unless we awaken from our ignorance, apathy, and complacency; until or unless we put away our Digital-Age pacifiers (mobile devices), and start communicating face-to-face with our fellow Americans again; until or unless we stop boasting about how much we love America–and start showing how much we love America by truly caring about America, and taking personal responsibility for America’s future.

Only then can we fly the American Flag at full mast, with a clear conscience.