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You have to engage in amazingly aggressive behavior to provoke AOL into terminating your AOL ad-free email account.

But AOL has to engage in amazingly passive-aggressive behavior—over and over again—to provoke you into engaging in such amazingly aggressive behavior, in the first place.

My email address was

Those of you who have been trying to reach me at this email address can now know why I have not been replying to your emails—AOL has terminated my ad-free email account.  AOL gave me no warning—nor any time to transfer any of my saved emails, or email addresses in my address book, to a different account with a different provider. was the only email address I ever had—and I had it for ten years, ever since I first got dial-up Internet service through AOL, in 2008.

I changed Internet providers, of course, but kept my email account with AOL.

You see, I’m a conservative, in the truest sense—I don’t change anything unless change is necessary.

This is why I hate liberals—they change everything, just for the sake of changing everything, and end up creating nothing but problems.

This is why I hate neocons—they change everything, just for the sake of changing everything, and end up creating nothing but problems.

When I was a kid, there was a TV commercial for furniture polish, or dishwasher detergent, or paper towels, in which the character/spokeswoman—Madge, I think—said, “If something works, you stick with it.”

That’s how I work—that’s how I live my life.  If something works, I stick with it.

I live by this true conservatism almost as much as I live by the late Zig Ziglar’s teaching that fair play seeks what is right—not who is right.

Now, I recently learned—from NPR—that at the turn of this century, AOL was sued for facilitating pedophilia, by allowing pedophiles to share child pornography with other pedophiles, and to set up meetings with their child victims, through AOL’s forums.

Yet I did not know about this evil negligence, on AOL’s part, when I got my AOL email account in 2008.

AOL’s CEO, Tim Armstrong, is arguably the most irresponsible and negligent CEO in the United States today.

And AOL worked well for me, most of the time, until Tim Armstrong created a monster called Oath—then put all of AOL’s service under the management of Oath.

Ever since he did that, I had nothing but problems with AOL—until AOL terminated my account, without giving me any notice or warning, without addressing my issues, without listening to me, without allowing me to transfer my saved emails and email addresses, and without even letting those emailing me know that my account has been terminated (my AOL email account has become a black hole—mail is not returned to senders, and senders are not even notified that I cannot read their emails).

The last issue I had was this campaign ad for this sleazy Democrat being posted, not in my AOL ad-free mailbox, but on my AOL ad-free mailbox sign-in screen.  This sleazy Democrat, Jeff Greene, is competing against other sleazy Democrats to oust the sleazy Republican incumbent, Rick Scott.  But this sleazy Democrat doesn’t mention himself, his sleazy Democratic rivals, or even the sleazy Republican incumbent, Rick Scott.  He only mentions President Donald Trump—against whom he is not running.

This Jeff Greene is every bit as sleazy and trashy as Rick Scott is—and only goddamned fools would fall for this bullshit ad, and vote for this piece of shit.

In 2016, AOL had given me a way to opt out of political advertising on my AOL ad-free mailbox sign-in screen—so I contacted AOL, and requested that opt-out option again.

But this time, AOL refused to provide that option for me—and this sleazy ad for this sleazy Democrat just kept popping up in my face, every time I wanted to access my AOL ad-free email account, day after day.

And AOL completely dismissed my pleas to resolve this issue, but started demanding my monthly fee of $4.99—as it had been doing ever since Tim Armstrong had created Oath, and put AOL’s service under Oath’s management.

In other words, since Tim Armstrong created Oath, and put AOL’s service under Oath’s management, the only time AOL ever contacted me was when it demanded payment from me—it never contacted me about any of the countless issues I was having with it, under Oath.

And of course I refused to pay AOL any money, any month, until it got issues like this resolved.

This time I fought back against AOL’s abuse.

There were several email addresses to different AOL entities I had collected over the years—including Tim Armstrong, himself.

None of these entities ever addressed any of my concerns—least of all Tim Armstrong.

So I copied and pasted this ad from my AOL mailbox sign-in screen, then emailed it to every one of those AOL email addresses—just to give those bastards at AOL an idea of what it was like to have this sleazy ad for this sleazy Democrat in one’s face.  And I did this every time I signed in, and encountered this ad—which was all the time.

Still no response from any of the bastards at AOL.

Then I copied and pasted the ad, and sent it to Jeff Greene’s campaign office (, as I recall)—every time I encountered the ad.

Then I forwarded all of the emails I sent to Jeff Greene’s campaign office to all of the AOL email addresses I had saved, over the years (,,,,, and, as I recall).

I had contacted AOL, and asked it to give me the opt-out option to opt out of this sleazy ad, or simply to remove this sleazy ad from my AOL ad-free mailbox sign-in screen—and AOL had never replied.

And I had contacted Jeff Greene’s campaign office, and asked it to pressure AOL to remove this sleazy ad from my AOL ad-free mailbox sign-in screen—and Jeff Greene’s campaign office had never replied.

So I decided to get AOL in so much trouble with this sleazy sponsor that it would be sure to do as I had been asking it to do for days—maybe even weeks.

But AOL canceled my ad-free email account instead.

And I got a phone call from some sleazebag named “Sam” ((703) 265-0045), who simply stated that my account had been terminated, but gave me no further information—and refused to return any of my countless calls in which I pleaded with this piece of shit to at least let me access my AOL mailbox one last time, so that I could transfer my saved emails and email addresses to a different account.

So this is why your emails to me, at, have not been answered—my account has been terminated, without warning or notice, and I cannot read your emails.

And this is AOL now:


I wasn’t surprised when five extremely misguided Supreme Court justices made same-sex marriage federal law.  Disgusted with them–but not surprised.  And I wrote THE ELEPHANTS IN THE LIVING ROOM: THE FIRST in response to this insane ruling.

Yet now comes the real test–the real question:  How far will the American People let this go?  How long will the American People let a clearly unconstitutional Supreme Court ruling stand?

I just saw a headline on AOL stating that County Clerk Kim Davis will be jailed for her refusal to yield to a Supreme Court decision that is not only unconstitutional, but in direct contradiction to her beliefs.

Because AOL is so blatantly sensationalist, not to mention leftist–I’m going to verify this story with PBS this evening.

But if this is true–if Ms. Davis really is going to be jailed for standing up for her rights–then God help America.  Really.

I first learned of County Clerk Kim Davis’ situation from a front-page article in The New York Times yesterday.

Ms. Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky who “took office in January, succeeding her mother, who had been the county clerk for 37 years . . . says same-sex marriage violates her Christian beliefs.”

As a former Christian and student of the Bible, I can vouch for her statement. The Bible condemns homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments.  The Bible condemns homosexuality just as the Torah does, and just as the Qur’an does.

And because the Bible–the sacred text of Christians–condemns homosexuality, same-sex marriage would certainly be in violation of the Bible’s teachings–thus in violation of Christian doctrine.

Though my faith is not Christian (I do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth, or anyone else, was, is, or will be the incarnation of the Creator)–I must admit I was passionately inspired by Ms. Davis’ unyielding stance against what she considered (and what I consider) an unjust law.  While reading the article, I wished I could be there–in that Kentucky courthouse–to show my support.

Yet even if I did not agree with her, I should hope I would support her just the same.  You know this quote by Voltaire: “I disagree with what you say, but I would defend to the death your right to say it.”  And speaking of death, consider this excerpt from the newspaper article:

Ms. Davis said in a statement released by her lawyers that she had received death threats, but that she would neither resign nor relent.

Death threats?  I thought the movement for same-sex marriage was a peaceful one.

“To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience,” she said.  She added:  “I have no animosity toward anyone and harbor no ill will.  To me this has never been a gay or lesbian issue. It is about marriage and God’s word.” 

Ms. Davis is quite correct on two important points:

This has never been a gay or lesbian issue.  As I’ve stated before, the issue of same-sex marriage has nothing to do with rights at all.  Homosexuals and lesbians have always had the right to marry members of the opposite sex, just as heterosexuals have.  They have always had “marriage equality.”

And this is about marriage.  As I’ve stated before, it is about the definition of marriage.  By definition, marriage is a union between members of opposite sexes. Whether it is a union between one man and many women, one woman and many men, or one man and one woman–marriage has always been recognized as a union between members of opposite sexes.  If same-sex marriage has ever been the norm in any human culture, anywhere, that culture certainly collapsed a long time ago.  Because marriage was developed for purely practical reasons, in the first place: For tribal alliances, for economic stability, and especially for assurance of fidelity in the continuation of a family and/or community.  And however you feel about homosexuality, you cannot deny this fact: Men alone cannot procreate, and women alone cannot procreate.  Only men and women together can procreate–only men and women together can continue the family and/or community.  (And if you want a case in point, find out what happened to the Shakers–whose male and female members could marry and cohabit, but could not have sex.)

This is about a nation whose government forces its citizens to accept and enforce a redefinition of an institution that has insured the continuation of the human species to this day: marriage.

County Clerk Kim Davis refuses to enforce a redefinition of marriage.  And this is her right.  We should all be as resolute as she.