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I started to write “DRUNKEN POST #111”–now that would have been something, huh?  I realize alcohol kills brain cells, but recent scientific research indicates that brain cells can indeed be replaced.  And I only drink alcohol once a week (when I go eat with the Singletons) at most.  Every day I drink coffee, which is far more dangerous for me, since I have high blood pressure.  I drink beer when eating with the Singletons–then drink Irish coffee (coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream added to it) once I get home.  Mixing caffeine with alcohol?  Don’t do this at home, kids!  But it’s much safer than those combination beer/energy drinks that are becoming popular these days, because you don’t know how much alcohol or caffeine is in those things!  So don’t drink those at all, kids or adults! 

I missed last week’s Singletons dinner, so I’m making up for lost time!  This evening we went to Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  And the food was quite delicious.  When I got home, I drank my Irish coffee with the Chambers Brothers–I mean listening to the extended version of Time Has Come Today.  I had Grieg’s music for “Peer Gynt” in the CD player, but it was just too mellow for me at the time.  So I played the Chambers Brothers CD, and wham!  This extended version of Time Has Come Today is over eleven minutes long–and it’s the most kick-ass psychedelic piece I’ve heard since the extended version of Dazed and Confused from the Led Zeppelin film, The Song Remains the Same!  It’s absolutely wonderful–you’ve got to hear it!

And listening to it, I was reminded of the good side of the Psychedelic Sixties (when I was a only a baby)–you know, before things got so militant.  It was before Charles Manson became a cult figure.  It was before Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and replaced by racists like Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan.  White racist groups are still around today, but they’re not nearly as powerful as Black racist groups.  What’s happened is that the Black racist groups have become accepted into mainstream society, thus have no need to resort to violence.  Racism is racism, people!  The NAACP is as racist as the Ku Klux Klan, yet is accepted as if it were not.  Our society condemns White-on-Black crime–as it should–but condones Black-on-White crime!

The motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, writes:  “Fair play seeks what is right, not who is right.”  And the reason the U.S. is so messed up is that most Americans–of every race–don’t care what is right, but who is right!  That’s what’s behind this upcoming election.  Everyone takes sides–Republican or Democrat.  As I’ve stated before, both parties have become equally extremist, corrupt, and powerful.  I wish there were an Independent candidate running this year who had at least as much of a chance as Ross Perot did in 1992.  But there isn’t–so I plan to vote for Obama.  We don’t elect individuals anymore, we elect parties!  And Independents like me have to play the two equally bad parties against one another!  As long as the United States refuses to consider a moderate third party, or an Independent president–it will continue going to hell!  But you know this, already, if you’re reading this.

Let me mention one more thing before I forget it: Black Muslims are not Muslim!  And the Nation of Islam is not Muslim!  There are certainly Black people who are truly Muslim.  But Black militants, like Farrakhan, are not Muslim for this reason:  They don’t believe that Muhammad was the founder of Islam.  They believe that the Arabs stole Islam from the Sub-Saharan Africans (Black people), and that Muhammad had nothing to do with it. 

One’s religion is based on his/her beliefs, not his/her actions.  If you don’t believe in the words of John 3:16 (“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”) you are not Christian, no matter what you do.  Likewise, if you don’t believe in the principal doctrine of Islam (“There is but one God, and Muhammad is his prophet”), you are not Muslim, no matter what you do.

Malcolm X was assassinated because, after he visited Saudi Arabia, and discovered what true Islam was about (that it was a religion of peace, not hatred and violence), he came back a changed man.  And his former followers killed him, because they didn’t want him to tell the world the truth!

I am not Christian or Muslim.  I belong to no organized religion.  But if you want to belong to an organized religion, you must believe in its primary doctrine.  Otherwise, you cannot belong to it, no matter what you do.  And since no one has control over his/her beliefs, no one has a choice regarding his/her spirituality.

As stated before, this is what I believe:

God is not limited to one system of beliefs;  God’s word is not limited to one form of communication.  God is beyond anything we humans can imagine, classify, or manipulate.  In attempting to limit God, we only limit ourselves.

In other words, our Creator is not biased toward one religion or another–our Creator is not religious.  Our Creator has no ego.  Our Creator hears the prayers of all people, if our Creator hears prayers at all.  Our Creator is not human.  Our Creator is not inhuman.  Our Creator is beyond human–so far beyond human that we cannot possibly conceive the true nature of our Creator.  Yet the “good news” is this:  We can communicate with our Creator.  We humans are the only species on Earth, at this time, that can communicate with our Creator–that has the capacity for spirituality.  We don’t need an intermediary (a “Christ”), we don’t need to have a particular view of the Creator (as organized religion prescribes).  We can simply talk to the Creator anytime, anywhere.  Whether the Creator listens to us, we cannot know.  But we can talk to the Creator, regardless.  Spirituality is innate in our species, religion is not.  Organized religion is an innovation of man, not God.  You don’t believe me?  Watch a child–any child, in any part of the world–talk to the Creator before he/she can even understand the religion of his/her parents.  Jesus (who, I believe, had absolutely nothing to do with Christianity) said it best–that we can only approach the Creator as a child does.

Yet I move on.  I want to apologize to my fellow bloggers for not reading your posts, as of late.  It is simply because I’ve been so involved with this online dating again.  I did the same the last time I tried it, with a different site.  It takes so much time to attempt to woo women with whom I have little to no chance, in the first place.  If only Jocelyn, at Hardees, would have accepted my invitation…but she didn’t.  If only Desiree, at my credit union, would have accepted my invitation…But she didn’t–they didn’t.  So now I’m “fishing” again.  There was a brief lull in my loneliness when I had my dogs–first Maxx, then Sadie–but neither worked out.  Neither could adjust to my way of life–they were rescue dogs after all.  So though I was less lonely when I had one, then the other, in my house, I was far more anxious (the last straw, in both cases, urinating and/or defecating in my house).  Therefore, I had to return them.  At least I could return them to foster homes–not to shelters. 

Yet still I miss, not those particular dogs, but having a dog.  And a cat I simply cannot tolerate (they’re wonderful pets, until they learn to climb).  Anyway, no animal (I italicize that because we humans are animals ourselves) can replace a human companion, particularly one of the opposite sex.  I’m 46 years old and I’m goddamned tired of having no female companion.  There are millions of potential mates for me (as for anyone else).  But they’re scattered all over the planet, and the nearest could be a thousand miles away.  Worse still, there is no way I can know who the nearest is, even if she lives on my street.  With such odds against us, it is amazing our species has survived at all.

Well, I’m in the mood for Loretta Young.