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Remember my girlfriend–the one whose picture I’ve posted several times, yet whose name I don’t even know, and who doesn’t even know I exist?  I’ve had her on my favorites list for a very long time.  Yet I’d never traced the source of the photograph until recently. 

She is a model for a lingerie company called Bravissimo.  And there are many more beauties like her at–as I recently discovered, browsing through images under the company name.  These women are gorgeous!  They’re voluptuous!

Do you recall Total Recall?  I’m not referring to the recent remake–which I absolutely refuse to see, simply because there is no way in hell they can improve on the original film.  No I mean the original!  Well, in the real Total Recall, Schwarzenegger’s character is asked what body type he’d prefer in his dream woman for his dream trip to Mars: slender, voluptuous, or athletic.  He chooses the athletic one.  That’s understandable, I guess, since he’s athletic himself.  But I would definitely choose a voluptuous woman.  I’m not athletic or slender.  Yet even if I were one of these, I’d still choose the voluptuous body type in a woman.  It’s just my favorite–always has been. 

There are many more gorgeous, voluptuous women on the first page of my Bravissimo image search–the following are my favorites.