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Here are two more timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department has learned that Duluth, Minnesota, is where a city council-man . . .

George Downs . . .

In City Hall . . .

Put his briefcase down while he put his coat on . . .

Put his briefcase down behind a statue in the lobby . . .

And forgot it . . .

Left it there . . .

When he went across the street for dinner.

He returned to City Hall in time to hear there’d been a “bomb threat”.

But the bomb squad had taken care of it.

They had opened a mysterious briefcase–with a blast of high-pressure water–and the whole lobby was wallpapered with George’s soggy, shredded papers.

April 16, 1986


Our For What It’s Worth Department hears that Speedy Morris–basketball coach for La Salle University–was shaving when his wife called out to tell him he was wanted on the phone by Sports Illustrated.

Speedy Morris was so excited by the prospect of national recognition that he nicked himself with his razor and ran–with a mixture of blood and lather on his face–and fell down the steps.

But he got to the phone.

And the voice on the other end said:

“For just seventy-five cents an issue you can get a one-year trial subscription . . .”

July 7, 1989