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It is my opinion that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are exactly alike in one way: Each is totally self-serving.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about anyone, or anything, but Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump doesn’t care about anyone, or anything, but Donald Trump.

Of course Donald Trump would make a far more dangerous president than Hillary Clinton would, because he’s such an extremist.

But I’m not worried about Donald Trump becoming president–there is no way the Republican Party is going to be stupid enough to nominate him, and there is no way he will win if he runs as an independent (he wouldn’t be a real independent, he’d be an impostor).

I am worried about Hillary Clinton becoming president though.  As mentioned, I consider her totally self-serving–and though she would probably be reasonable in her foreign policies, she would probably be devastating in her domestic policies.

Yet my opinion of Hillary Clinton, as a person, is irrelevant to your decision to vote or not to vote for her in the Democratic primaries.

What is relevant is this question:

Would Hillary Clinton be as tough as Margaret Thatcher?

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was a tough lady–the “Iron Lady”.

She was very right-wing–and though I was just a kid when she was Britain’s Prime Minister, I probably wouldn’t support many of her policies.

But I would certainly consider her tough enough for the job of President of the United States.

The first female President of the United States is going to face challenges no president before her has faced–not from within the United States, but from without.

We may see her as equivalent, in competency and fortitude, as any man–but the rest of the world may not.

And she will be tested more severely than any president before her–just because she is a woman.

Russia will test her, North Korea will test her, Communist China will test her, Iran will test her, the Zionist State (“Israel”) will test her, the Assad Regime will test her–every single foreign government that would have its way with the United States will try to have its way with our first female president.

Even extremist groups like Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and ISIS will test her–betting they can get away with more–just because she is a woman.

Margaret Thatcher was disliked by many for her right-wing policies–but no one would deny that she was as tough as any man could be.

And the first female President of the United States will have to be an “Iron Lady” for the United States–her competency and fortitude will have to rival that of Margaret Thatcher–she will have to be as tough as any man, if not tougher.

The first female President of the United States will have to be up to the job, to say the least.

Hillary Clinton would not likely be up to the job.

Carly Fiorina (though I’m opposed to her outsourcing policies as Hewlett-Packard C.E.O) might be up to the job.

I have no intention of voting for the Republican or Democratic nominee–not this time, no way.

And I don’t think there will be any female independent presidential candidates on the ballot this year, if there are any independent presidential candidates at all (I’ve already decided to vote for myself, as a write-in, if there aren’t).

But if I were considering voting for a woman for President of the United States, I would ask myself how she compared–in competency and fortitude–to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  I would bear in mind that she would be tested–by foreign governments and extremist groups alike–more severely than any president before her.  And I’d ask myself if she would have any chance at passing these inevitable tests.  I’d ask myself if she was tough enough for the toughest position yet, in the toughest job in the world.